Printers that Fit the Bill
Printers that Fit the Bill

With the expanding economy and higher purchasing power, footfalls and conversions at stores have gone drastically up. All this has given rise to long queue at the POS. Gradually, retailers are realising the need to cut the long queues short besides providing error-free and detailed bill information to their customers. Some of the retail businesses have even felt the need for wide payment slips to contain maximum details and logos in the bills. To fulfill this bundle of requirements, various POS (point of sale) printers/systems have been launched in the market. These printers not only have made the daily transactions easy but have also provided the helping hand in various other aspects like stock management, better presentation of bills, and have power memory. With these power-packed qualities, POS printers have become part and parcel of the retail market. Let us look at some of the important reasons behind their increasing demand in the retail industry.

Increase productivity with speed and accuracy

Speed is the prime factor which a retailer looks for. At retail outlets like Pizza Chains, Coffee shops, large retail shops, kirana shops, ice cream parlours, where customers crowd in seconds; speed and performance along with the copy clarity are required. There are various printers in the market that fulfill these.

These are BP series  printers from Wep Periperals like WeP BP 100T, TH 320 M, HQ 1600 (banking, insurance railways etc); EPSON H500II which can print up to 88 columns, ultra fast EPSON TM H6000II; TVS-E has RP 3160, RP 3200 with quality printing. These printers are priced between Rs 10000 and Rs 50,000 depending upon the speed and requirement of the retail unit.

Occupy less space, economical

For small retail businesses where space plays a significant role to keep the machine, like small kirana stores, vegetable shop, grocery stores, Epson TM-U295, IndiPOS PT262 (2kg), Wep Peripherals WeP TH 320 (with time back up), and Bounti BP 40+ are a few suitable printers that print non-stop bills. These printers usually come in the range of Rs 6,000 to 15,000.

Epson LQ-50 bill printer occupies 30 per cent less space at the counter with its high-end features integrated in it. “At Epson, we conduct rigorous research to understand the unique needs in each market and are committed to providing the best printing solutions possible.” says Samba Moorthy – Senior General Manager, Sales & Marketing at Epson India. The printer is especially important for industries where legibility is crucial - like the pharmaceutical trade. The cost of the printer is around Rs 10,000.

Suitable for Indian climatic conditions

Considering unorganized small scale businesses where stores are surrounded by dusty environments; owners need a rugged printing solution. Vegetable shops, kirana stores, and small grocery shops need printers that are tough and which can perform optimum even in the dirty ambience. TVS-E’s RP 45 is one such product.

“It is the most rugged bill printer. Works in any condition, non-AC, dusty and it is extremely user-friendly. I am very happy with the printer,” says Mr. Manohar, Owner of Manohar Traders, Koyambedu Vegetable Market, who has used TVS Electronics’ RP45 printer. He is a wholesale supplier of potatoes and onions to hotels, retailer, and sub-wholesalers.

EPSON TM-U230 is specially known for its dirt resistance and water resistance qualities, this printer is ideal for kitchen networks. It is easy to remove oil, sauce and other stains due to the fine coating on the flat design of the printer.

With increased productivity and easy maintenance, retail printers are certainly a gift of technology to retailers!




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