Self-checkout gets popular, more brands turn to this payment

We bring you some key players who are setting new trend in Indias retail game.
Self-checkout gets popular, more brands turn to this payment

Not so long ago, when Amazon Go was introduced, it was said that the next wave of retail experience had taken over the world. Customers walking to a store, picking up their purchase and leaving without having to stand in long queues to pay bill was every consumer’s dream come true. But back home in India, although many retailers are still hesitant to taken on this trend, self-checkout with smartphones is slowly becominga retail reality, with many brands integrating the offline-online experience and introducing self-checkout options. We bring you some key players who are setting new trend in India’s retail game.

Roadster Go

Last month, online fashion marketplace Myntra’s first offline store Roadster Go was launched in Bengaluru. The speed shopping store is fully RFID-enabled (Radio-frequency identification) and integrates the online-offline shopping experience. The brand, which aims to provide Retail 2.0 customer experience,has digital fashion kiosks that helps customers search products without human intervention and enables self-checkout in 30 seconds.

For instance, customers can place afashion product on the digital kiosk and see the features like size, price, fabric, colour optionson the RFID-enabled digital screen, and even get a glimpse of the modeled looks. To self-checkout, they can place the product on RFID-enabled tray that captures the product details and displays the bill on the screen. Customers can pay through debit/credit card. After the payment is processed, the RFID tags are disabled and customers can walk out with the purchase.

Commenting about the self-checkout feature during the launch of the store, ManoharKamath, Head, Myntra Fashion Brands had said in a first in the country, customers could pick up their favourite garments without any assistance, get to know the online price of the garment before buying and do a self-checkout in 30 seconds. “For the first time, we are offering this in-store experience to all shoppers and not just to Myntra App shoppers,” he said.


Providing a phygital experience to its customers, French sporting goods retailer Decathlon aims to make a buying experience fun for its customers. At its Brigade Road store in Bengaluru, customers candownload the app and search for products they need. Through the ‘locate your product’ feature,customers can locate the exact location of a product in shelves and check out the product. If they want to buy, they can scan the bar code, which provides the product information and even user reviews.  Much like online shopping, customers can select the size, fill payments details (credit card / debit card) and add to cart. When customers are done with all the shopping, a bill is generated on the app. By placingthe products at a sensor in the exit gates, customerscan checkout of the store.

Spar Hypermarket

Imagine strolling through a supermarket, getting a glimpse of your home décor even before your purchase a plush cushion, and walking out of the store with your goodies without waiting to pay bills. A dream has come true for shoppers at SPAR Hypermarket, Bengaluru. The experiential store has some rather unique innovations to proffer. From self-assisting kiosks to 3D imaging of products, the new store is a tech innovation hub. It uses technology to enable hassle-free customer experience.

While customers can find their choice of product from the right shelf through self-assist kiosks, it also alerts the staff to attend to the customer looking to buy a product. With the help of the kiosk, customers can navigate the hypermarket. Also, self-checkout kiosk lets customers check out themselves using the bar codes.

As more and more brands take to self-checkout, Perpule 1Pay founder Abhinav Pathak says he is working more than 10 other brands in different categories that are turning towards self-checkout. Perpule provides tech solutions for self-checkout to Big Bazaar, Pantaloons, KFC, Chai Point and others. As the lines between online and offine blur, Pathak believes that self-checkout options could generate more footfalls for brick-and-mortar stores and enhance the buying experience, whileit’s cost effective for retailers.


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