The Mannequin Magic

Pick the right mannequin to attract eyeballs

Have you ever been bowled over by the display window of any retail store? Your answer might be yes/no. But we all agree unanimously that mannequins are attention grabbers. If any one is in hurry then only these mannequins can grab our attention. Seeing those mannequins, we imagine ourselves in that fashion or may be our imagination just meets reality. In apparel retailing the mannequins are indispensable tool to sell the products in a great way! But if your mannequins are standing at any part of your store like any other object of your store then there is a need you should rethink of using them in innovative ways.  

Mannequins are catalysts which work in manifold ways. It enhances the look and feel of the store and pushes up retail sales volumes also. Shares Maurice Purdy, MD of New Zealand based world’ largest mannequin brand, Purform “A recent market study represented by OK Play reveals that the concept of mannequins helps to ladder the sales by 10-30 per cent and stands as the most winning sales format for the retailers.” But the success of deploying mannequins in your store only can get fulfilled once it is used in a proper manner. For this you must change position of your mannequins frequently. Customers often love to see the way a particular dress looks when it’s worn. Mannequins help in filling up the gap of meeting customer’s imagination with reality.  

In many cases, using the old mannequins also saves money. It’s not the case that those used mannequins look bad and faded. But in most of the cases, these mannequins only require few repairing work. Like you can find the hair style of those used mannequins is not an updated one or there might be some damages that can be repainted or refurbished easily. For those retail outlets with minimum budget or those wish to maximise the retail interior show of the outlet with minimum expenses, then used mannequins is the best option for them.  

The way you position and dress up the mannequins reflect what the store is all about and what type of merchandise you retail in your store. Also it tells the passerby and shoppers to whom you cater your merchandise. Thus, it’s very important to keep in sync the mood and flavour you want to create in your store with the appearance of your mannequins. As rightly opines Lalit Agarwal, MD, V’Mart, “Mannequins are the best fashion display center, it makes the customer understand that what products you have on your shelves. But it is mostly relevant to fashion products like apparel, accessories etc.” As informs Agarwal, the cost of purchasing a mannequin starts from Rs 3,000 and can go upward depending on the visual display a retailer wants it to create in their store.  
But mannequins don’t just sell the clothes they are wearing. They are actually important tools for selling all of the clothes around them as well. Mannequins show customers what the store is all about and they create an image within the mind of what to expect from the clothes the store carries. 

The biggest thing that mannequins provide is a beacon to certain areas of the store. Mannequins dressed a certain way tell people who are in tune with that particular style that this area of the store is for them. They also are the most visible elements of the store from the outside. This is especially important in large malls where window shopping is the name of the game. 

It is important that retailers think of their mannequins as an element of interior design within the store. Mannequins are important tools for all clothing retailers because they contribute to the store’s overall ambience and personality. More than any other element of the store, the way mannequins are positioned and dressed tells passersby and shoppers what type of customer your store caters to. Be sure that the mannequins’ appearance supports the mood and flavor you seek to create in the store. 

The most important thing to remember is that customers view their favorite shopping destinations as reflections of their own personality. As a result, it is important to use mannequins to display your products in a way that your target customers will identify with.

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