The cool niche goes mainstream - Virtual Reality comes to new markets

For those who are still puzzled about what Virtual Reality devices are, here is a little insight about the marvelous genius and potential of bringing back a touch of reality to every aspect of life.
Virtual Reality

Ever wondered how the latest 360 degrees advertisements were made? Fascinating as it may be, the advertisements on Facebook seem to have gotten a great response only due to the magical feel of the entire display and real life engaging experience of the video, as if you really are a part of the set. Well, Virtual Reality is the new cool to the digital world.

For those who are still puzzled about what Virtual Reality devices are, here is a little insight about the marvelous genius and potential of bringing back a touch of reality to every aspect of life, even if you aren’t present at the place of action. For instance, let me pick a destination that most of us in Delhi have been to – Nahargarh Fort in Jaipur. All those who have visited are awed by the grandeur and scale of the fort and imagine the lifestyle of royalty in that fort. Enter VR, and imagine extending your arm and being able to zoom in or zoom out on a wall art to visualize it in greater details, getting historical information or interesting facts by just tapping on a piece of art.

Virtual Reality, through use of hardware devices has the potential to provide a visual and audio immersion that one can use with a head mounted display, be it on a treadmill or a game console, a phone app or just a theatre experience, VR speaks volumes with its inception. The hardware bears many sensors that are in sync with a user’s motion and changes the viewfittingly.There are two main types of VR device that will take the market by storm, one a ‘full feature’ version and the other, a ‘mobile’ version. As the names suggest, a full feature VR hardware includes hi-res and hi-fi headsets, while the mobile version includes headsets made of corrugation or plastic that has a special slot where a smartphone can be plugged.

The dream of being able to teleport to just about any place by donning a pair of goggles is a very powerful tool that man has created. The objective to deliver on this dream is in all likelihood to keep many companies investing in the goal of making Virtual Reality devices more easily accessible and adding more to its content.

VR opens up a drastic new way to reach out to customers and it is dirt cheap to market. Pokemon Go, undoubtedly the most popular Augmented Reality app in the world, resulted in Nintendo’s share doubling in a short span of time. If the right chord can be struck with the desired target group, VR can present a very strong connection for the brand with its uniqueness and great experience. VR advertisements are a marketeer’s delight – ten times the engagement than existing advertisements (digital or offline) at one tenth the cost of production and distribution!

Gastronomical providers and hotels have already started to reap benefits of VR too,by lending out headsets to room guests for checking out local sights or even interesting things to do. For hotels, this offers a new revenue stream where the concierge desk, personalized as per the guest’s preferences, can be delivered to the guest in the comfort of his room with a deeper engagement and booking capabilities.

Gyms can use this technology to involve their clients with a real life walk on the Brooklyn Bridge, a run on the Great Wall of China and just about every activity can be changed to a more fascinating manner to involve a client.

In-flight entertainment will take a leap as well with the use of VR and ability to offer personalized content since the fliers can choose to use their own smart-phones to consume VR content will also be an added boon for business.

The content for optimising Virtual Reality can be created using Computer Generated Images, also known as CGI or filmed using special clusters of cameras that together capture an enhanced 360-degree field of view which is seems lifelike. In playback, the user is shown different aspects of the images captured and depending upon where the person is looking, VR ensures that a compelling imagery and storytelling can be delivered to the traveler in an unprecedented immersive manner that has the potential to influence at various levels.

Authored By: Pratyush Kukreja, COO and Co-Founder, YuMiGo Webservices Pvt. Ltd.

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