These Walmart tech innovations will blow your mind!

At a time when retailers are continuously striving to enhance customer experience, Walmart Labs is working on innovation that will take the confluence of physical and digital to a whole new level.
Walmart Tech Innovations

Innovation in retail landscape is primarily dominated by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) for the new age consumers who look for tech-based, hassle-free shopping experiences. While these new trends are being developed in order to satisfy the tech-hungry millennials, major retailers have time and again maintained that to give the best shopping experience to a customer, one has to merge offline and online services. Taking this route, Walmart Labs India is working on new tech trends that can change the way the world shops. While some of these services are in experiment process, globally the major retailer has already tested the waters. Commenting about how these innovations matter to the millennials, Hari Vasudev, VP (Technology), Walmart Labs, said, “We are trying to innovate with the intention to change and impact the way a consumer uses technology to buy things. Providing seamless connection with the merger of offline and online is one step towards this. We are focusing on delivering value experience and our innovations are too focused in this nature.”  In this merger of the physical and digital, some of the key tech innovations Walmart Labs is working on are:

Pick up tower
On noticing that customers have to stand in long queues for billing and to pick up their goods, in USA, Walmart has introduced the pick up tower. Customers can order online and go to the Walmart store to pick up their goods stored in the tower, with their order number and name. “This new service has brought down the billing time to 11 minutes from 22 minutes,” says Hari. The pick up facility will be available in all the stores in Walmart India too.

Scan and go
Further enhancing the shopping experience, Walmart will have scan and go option, where customers can download the Walmart app, shop at Walmart stores and walk out by just scanning the goods on the app, instead of waiting in queues for billing. The money will be deducted on the app!

 Voice command
Making shopping as simple as speaking on your phone, Walmart is working with Google Voice, which will carry out the task of ordering grocery list to the nearest Walmart store and the goods will be delivered to your house, Hari explains, “When a customer for example says cheese, eggs and milk, the Google Voice will understand that he needs groceries and connect with the Walmart app and place an order at the nearest Walmart store. On seeing the order request, the store guys will deliver goods to the registered users. Maybe the goods will reach home even before a customer gets home!”

Running out of food stock and not sure what exactly? Well, the Walmart app will make it easy for you in the future. It will send you messages on what food stocks you have not used in a long time and what you need to order soon. And even better, when certain products are over, it will reorder itself! 

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