Five tips to rightly light up a retail space

Lighting Consultant plays a major role when it comes to highlighting the right sections of the store and establishing your brand.
Five tips to rightly light up a retail space

With an increased competition between the “physical” and “virtual” store there are few things that can attract your customers to come back to your store. Great lighting being one of them, accentuates the experience of a shopper. Of all our senses, lighting has a direct influence on moods, with 80% of sensory information coming from our eyes.

In a 21-week field research project by Dutch co-operative supermarket group Plus and Philips Lighting back in 2010, it was established that retail lighting design can influence a window shopper into becoming a loyal customer. Therefore, lighting designs bring in potential buyers, leads them through an amazing experience, and makes the store stand out for all the correct reasons. Without perfect lighting consultation, retailers might miss out on opportunities to increase footfall. Below are some Do’s and Don’ts of lighting design to keep in mind while installing lighting fixtures in a store:

Always hire a lighting consultant at an initial stage of planning:

Lighting Consultant plays a major role when it comes to highlighting the right sections of the store and establishing your brand. A lighting expert has the best understanding about the know-how of the lighting products, latest technologies and newest lighting trends. While an engineer would have an expertise in how a space is wired, a good lighting consultant transforms a space.

Vertically laid lights are more eye-catchy:

Human eye is drawn to light automatically (known as “phototropism”), the first thing people see while walking past a store is the vertical view of the store. Knowing that, we must focus on lighting on walls and other vertical surfaces to grab customers attention. Pointing spotlights onto your product can make a store space feel dark, while lighting up the walls will give space a positive vibe, brightness and make it appear spacious.

Material choices (finishes and colors) affect the brightness of a space:

A matte white paint of a space’s ceilings will make it feel bright and peaceful. But if one needs the space to feel intimate and dramatic, consider dark colored paints for the ceiling. Just remember, by doing this you will have to allow more lighting to your space to highlight the product shelves. Also, matte versus shiny materials will make a big difference as shiny materials reflect light and add shine, but might cause unsightly reflections from spotlights and LED’s.

Role of daylight and color temperature:

As enormous inside shopping centers become history and blended advancements gain popularity, more stores will have outside windows that let natural light in. Sunshine has a pale blue shading temperature, in comparison to warm white LEDs and incandescent sources. To keep your product up front, you have to compete with natural light. Consider lighting the customer facing facade windows with a cool shading temperature to coordinate with sunlight, or even better, light the retail facade with a tunable white luminaire, which permits you to change the shading temperature to supplement daytime (cool white) or evening time (hotter white) enlightenment.

Plan an effectively viable framework which does not require lighting that can't be reached and replaced: The most recent lighting patterns incorporate "trimless" fixtures and discrete direct LEDs, and a ton of these items require unique establishments. Previously, keeping up your lighting included unscrewing a bulb and placing in another one. Today, most fixtures have remote drivers and require restrictive LED modules. Consider putting drivers and extraordinary hardware in simple access zones, with installations that are handily kept up. (You would prefer not to tear out the roof just to supplant one light.)

The article has been penned down by Dillraj L Bhatia, Founder and Light Designer, DBEL Studio


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