How is SR Shopping Mall Offering an Online, Immersive & Customer-Centric Shopping Experience
How is SR Shopping Mall Offering an Online, Immersive & Customer-Centric Shopping Experience

SR Shopping Mall (SRSM) was earlier entirely dependent on high footfalls for sales as it was one of the most popular shopping destinations in Visakhapatnam, hence, it never had to bother about selling online. But lockdown restrictions forced it to adopt online channels to revive its sales that had dropped to zero from hundreds of crore. The fear of infection and lockdown restrictions meant that people were stuck at home and could not visit its stores. It had to provide a way for people to visit its stores virtually and also convert them into sales.

SRSM had started out in 1999 as a 1,000 sq ft store in Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh and now occupies over 90,000 sq ft across nine stores spread across north coastal Andhra Pradesh. It sells apparel for women, men, and kids.

Reinventing the Shopping Experience

SRSM had to reinvent itself to keep up its sales and deliver what its customers needed. Therefore, SRSM serviced clients with private consultations from their homes and curated collections. It worked with ShopConnect to implement a one-click live video connect widget that uses Intelligent Video Call Routing (IVCR). Using this widget, customers can start a live video call with the available sales staff of the mall. They could then virtually shop at their favorite store, consult its designers and interact with the sales staff who were familiar with their size, likes, and dislikes, and purchase clothes that they knew they would love.

SR Shopping Mall

SRSM used ShopConnect Boost to send curated collections in the form of links to reach out to new and existing clients. These curated collection links had inbuilt virality as they could be easily shared across social media and email. These collections were enriched with 3D imagery and Augmented Reality for a close-to-real life experience. They were e-commerce enabled and led to a high number of conversions.

Customers could even connect with the sales staff using the IVCR enabled live video to connect widget and ask them any questions about the collection. This prevented cart abandonment issues as the sales staff could help them finish the purchase of the products they are interested in.

Using Tech to Create Breakthrough Customer Experience

Even after the lockdowns were lifted, SRSM ramped up its online channels as people were getting used to the convenience and cost savings of online shopping. As more and more customers accessed their online collections, SRSM started analyzing data on customer buying patterns, cart abandonment, top-selling products, ROI, etc. using the market intelligence tools from ShopConnect Boost. It would then use these insights to fine-tune its sales strategy and create catalogs and social media campaigns that were more likely to attract more customers and lead to more conversions.

Since deploying ShopConnect’s e-commerce platform, SRSM has achieved the following benefits:

20 percent Conversion Rate: Out of every ten customers who opened the boost link, two customers bought a product.

More Reach - Over 85,000 impressions were recorded on their social media channels

20 percent More Personalization - One in five customers are joining in for video shopping for a personalized shopping experience. Moreover, the actionable insights from the dashboards have enabled the salesperson to curate collections and send them out for better conversion.

Better Engagement - Over 5 percent of the engaged social media audience have opened SRSM with an intent to buy

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