How PUMA is Re-organizing its Warehouse Management for Higher Efficiency
How PUMA is Re-organizing its Warehouse Management for Higher Efficiency

Spread across numerous digital marketplaces, including its own e-commerce storefront, the footwear giant PUMA, India, was operating with multiple technology platforms. Juggling between ERP, OMS (Order Management System), and WMS (Warehouse Management System) simultaneously adversely affected its overall performance. 

So, Increff provided PUMA with a comprehensive technology platform that integrated WMS and OMS with their existing ERP, giving a single view of the inventory and multi-system integration capability that is built to scale. The live inventory-order sync feature helped in real-time (less than 30 seconds) inventory update for better stock management, even during peak sales. 

“Demonstrating unparalleled inventory management efficiency and delivering ~100 percent order fulfillment accuracy over the last couple of years, Increff now manages complete e-commerce business for PUMA across multiple warehouses,” says Anshuman Agarwal, Co-Founder, Increff.

How Increff Helped PUMA in Digitization of Warehouses?

Large brands face challenges that cannot be handled by standard industry solutions. Increff Assure provided PUMA with a customized, one-stop tech solution to manage their complex retailing problem. PUMA was shuffling between multiple tech systems that increased complexity, fragmented inventory visibility, and adversely impacted the overall rate of sales. Inaccurate stock count affected order fulfillment frequency and increased SLA by more than 3 days. 

“Increff Assure made inventory and order management accurate, fast, and easy. We managed their warehousing operations and ensured complete inventory tracking with ~100 percent order fulfillment accuracy, within SLA. Increff Assure is arguably the world’s simplest and one of the finest inventory management and order fulfillment platforms today,” Agarwal states.

Achieving Multifold Growth Rate

Multichannel inventory management has been a constant challenge in e-commerce. Lack of unified inventory visibility causes brands to dedicate a buffer stock to each marketplace. Inaccurate demand estimation results in blocking of working capital and loss of opportunity to sell on platforms with higher demand.

“Increff Assure, our web-based SaaS platform, guarantees 100 percent inventory visibility across all sales channels simultaneously with zero buffer stock and ~100 percent order fulfillment within channel SLA. Its classic capability of order prioritization, consolidated order picking, and pick path optimization, facilitates fast and accurate picking and packing. This allowed PUMA to bring down order fulfillment from 3 days to 1 day and helped them achieve Az Prime status on Amazon, F-Assured status on Flipkart, and Gold rating on Myntra. It improved their customer rating, leading to better visibility on marketplaces, higher exposure, multifold increase in the pure online rate of sales, and a significant reduction in inventory holding, building operational proficiency,”  elaborates Agarwal.

Multichannel integration increased efficiency at all levels as Increff Assure not only accelerated order processing in specific warehouses but also the entire supply chain. 

“Increff Assure is a cutting-edge comprehensive tech platform that enables retailers to sell every piece of inventory across all online and offline sales channels simultaneously. Its simple and intuitive Google-like user interface (UI), reduces the dependency on manual labor and instills automation. It can run on any device with a Chrome browser and is designed to fulfill 100K orders per day per warehouse, tailored to handle the complexity associated with fashion products (high SKUs, low depth). Other notable features of Increff Assure are:

●    Inventory Serialization: Unique Piece Barcode (UPB) tracking ensures perfect tracking of each piece from the time of entry into the warehouse to final delivery. Every action and location is mapped to the barcode, monitoring its complete journey and creating an optimized linear forward-going pick path for efficient picking and packing. 

●    100 percent Scan-based Operations: Zero possibility of delay or human decision-making errors. Increff Assure delivers 100 percent first-time-right operations with 99.9 percent order fulfillment accuracy, within SLA.

●    Single Interface for End-to-End Operations: Smart formula-based inventory exposure across multiple sales channels ensures better channel integration. Complete traceability, order prioritization based on SLA and/or channel type, and accurate return reconciliation, help in efficient multi-warehousing. 

    Insightful and Actionable Reports: Customizable dashboards allow retailers to take action at every level of inventory management.

●    Uninterrupted Cycle Counting: Increff Assure allows cycle counting to be done without blocking any inventory or affecting the exposure of inventory, so regular operations can run parallel. A product can be made live immediately post GRN and the inward process does not get impacted. 

●    Manpower Management:  Training time 2 minutes per screen, no warehousing experience required. Fully scan-based operations guarantee 99.9 percent bin level inventory accuracy and 99.9 percent order fulfillment accuracy even with untrained manpower. We have helped brands lower warehousing costs by 20-25 percent,” concludes Agarwal.

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