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The entrepreneurial wind has started to blow in India as the economy and the other supportive factors have started to bloom. The mindset of the people is changing. They want to try new things and the budding entrepreneurs are trying to meet the same demand. The business meets, entrepreneurial fairs, and many other nationally organized

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Shopping is a way to bust stress and we surely like to do it. India is a country that offers excellent shopping destinations to visit. From exotic handicraft markets to local bazaars, we have a plethora of choices to avail. Here is the list of best-shopping destinations in India with excellent collections and jaw-dropping

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Walmart is a very big corporate giant. In terms of revenue, it is the largest in the world. In terms of employment, it is the biggest private employer in the world. In terms of grocery, it is also the world’s largest. The feathers in its cap get added every now and then. The achievement of this brand is humongous and probably no

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India is blessed with diverse climate, regions, and soil so rich and resourceful, which has successfully brought in the entire world’s attention towards it. Entire world turned its focus to India, as soon as India opened its gates to welcome the international market to trade in. This happened both ways, when India welcomed

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A recent survey conducted in the year 2015 suggests that the nearly 50% of the customers experienced a problem during their last shopping trip. Among those customers, 81% avoided contacting the retailer about the problem or the issue on the floor. Nearly 32% of these shoppers also said that they might feel reluctant to recommend the

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Finding the right retail store for apparels is easy. The digital era has brought the entire world at your fingertips so that you can find everything easily. Almost every fashion store has its online presence creating confusion while choosing the right shop to own the right set of clothes. The contemporary brands have concentrated on

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The world of fashion is an ever-changing dynamic platform. The fashion enthusiasts are always updated with the latest trends. There are a lot of fashion capitals in the world where you will find your heaven. The appealing fashion stores will knock your socks off with their best and latest couture lines from the leading brands. Let us

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The new modus operandi of the retail brands is to let the products speak for themselves. This might sound a little awkward but it is the most trending factor that is transforming the entire industry. Retail experiential stores are the new concept that allows a customer to try a product and enjoy an immersive experience on the

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The eighth edition of Indian retail and e-retail congress(IReC) took place on 16th and 17th April at JW Marriott New Delhi. Alike to every year, this year too the show witnessed huge attendance from Indian retail and e-retail fraternity. The entire two days were lined up with many knowledge series which saw great participation from

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A walk down the aisles of Shoppers Stop or a Landmark store, and it’s impossible to miss out the array of brands. From desi to ‘videsi’ and budget brands to luxe products, the consumer is thrown open to multitudinous options simultaneously. At a time when many brands are splurging on concept stores and experiential

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Manufacturers and retailers across India are still grappling with issues related to GST nine months after the latter’s rollout, a new survey by Wydr, India’s largest wholesale marketplace has revealed. According to the survey, 57% of the respondents representing manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers said they are yet

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While shopping satisfaction has improved over the last decade, retailers must accelerate the pace of change or risk losing sales and market share. Consumers equipped with smartphones expect fast, convenient, information-rich and connected shopping experiences that are uniquely relevant to them in store, online and via their mobile

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A SEAMLESS SHOPPING EXPERIENCE IS THE LEADING DRIVER OF GROWTH IN RETAILING Retailing registered steady growth in India in 2017. One of the key demands from consumers in 2017 was seamlessness in their shopping experience. TECHNOLOGY BECOMES AN INTRINSIC PART OF RETAILING IN 2017 Technology became an intrinsic part of

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A recent study by Deloitte says that millennials are the chief wage earners in India with a 47-percent share in the working age population and there are 440 million of them presently. And unlike their older generations, this large share of a new breed of consumers aka the millennial buyers, choose convenience over queues and pay more

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A study by industry body ASSOCHAM, and global consulting firm EY, today published that the market size for Indian organic packaged food is expected to cross INR 871 million by 2021 from INR 533 million in 2016, growing at a rate of 17%. The substantial growth of this sector is attributed to an expanding urban population base, rising

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