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As the countdown begins for Swedish retailer IKEA to launch its first store in Hyderabad, IKEA’s global design head Marcus Engman has maintained that the world’s fvaourite home appliance brand will customize their products to suit the cooking needs of the Indian households. In an interview with a daily, Engman said from a

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New Delhi: Actor Hrithik Roshan’s fashion and lifestyle brand HRX is all set to launch its offline store this year. Initially, the brand has plans to set up five stores, first stores to be in Bengaluru followed by Pune, Delhi and Mumbai. The brand is targeting malls to set up the stores and these will be Exclusive Brand Outlets,

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E-tailing: Increase in frequency of buying along with online shoppers across the categories will drive the industry growth The Indian e-commerce industry is all set to touch the CAGR of 40% to become a $50 bn market by 2020.  There are mainly two factors driving growth in this segment, the first would be increase in the number

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By Ramesh Kaushik, Vice President, Brand Experience, Blackberrys They say men are hunters and women gatherers- not just in the context of scouting for food and shelter in ancient times, but so also in today’s shopping scenes. The increasing purchasing power of male shoppers has spawned a new class of consumers who

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New Delhi: The $160 billion logistics industry in India is called the ‘sunshine industry’ for more reasons than one. Far from the days of an unorganized sector, the logistics sector today has steadily become a regulated sector. With logistics being the heart of e-commerce, traditional players are now learning the new rules

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By: Soumitra Gupta, CEO, Togofogo At a time when many prominent manufacturers are launching top-of-the-line smartphones to lure more customers, refurbished (phones that are repaired for re-selling purposes) and second-hand phones in India are outpacing the new phone industry. Not only in India but the trend is same in the

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So what do customers value the most in a brand- price, quality, innovation or uniqueness? In an interesting revelation, a global survey by KPMG has found that customers value the authenticity of a brand more than its uniqueness or even its innovation, writes Shwetha Satyanarayan In last October, when Gucci announced its plan to ban

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New Delhi: Flipkart in an official statement has denied noticing pink slips to its employees today. The company has reverted on a recent query shared by where the media platform had asked Flipkart if the company is sacking employees and shrinking employee strength. As per the people aware of the company's

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Effective merchandising strategy is a quite essential part for the natural growth of any retailer and manufacture. In a recent past, there are few start-ups such as Campus Sutra, Alcis Sports, The Souled Store amongst others which have done wonderful job in driving more consumption and sales by bringing innovation in their product

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New Delhi: Leading real estate services firm ANAROCK Property Consultants today has announced the official launch of ANAROCK Retail, a new firm dedicated to tapping into India’s $700 bn. retail market via its expert retail consultancy services. The new firm is the result of a partnership between ANAROCK and Faithlane Property

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New Delhi: In an issued press statement by the sellers’ body All India Online Vendors Association (AIOVA) said the 77% stake acquisition in Flipkart by Walmart in India will affect thousands of sellers on Flipkart. The body has written to the Competition Commission of India (CCI) seeking to change the relevant market in

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What happens when you give up regular dal-roti or rice-sambar meal for a month? If you wonder, meet Harsh Batra who has survived the ordeal to tell the tale. Like many of us millennials who struggle with the ever-complicated-question ‘what to eat’, Harsh grappled with food order-in issues, before he finally found a solution

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Venture capitalist Mary Meeker has come up with her iconic annual Internet Trends report which is overflowing with useful insights for retailers. Here is a quick look at some most relevant insights from this 294-slide deck.  Discovery is beyond physical It is just not Amazon that retailers need to focus on. The

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PROMOD, the leading French brandis all set to tap the online retail in India this week. Promod online store will offer the full range of items that the brand currently offers in its stores in India and at the same prices. The brand willexpand its presence in Tier IIand III cities across key markets. Promod’s online shopping

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New Delhi: The recent developments in Indian’s online grocery segment have indicated an intense battle heating up between Walmart-Flipkart and Amazon in India to capture a better pie of the online grocery market. In this week, we have seen e-commerce giant Amazon has rebranded its grocery service Amazon Now to Prime Now.

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