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Have you heard of brands such as missa more, fashion police, shopsnub amongst others? We often see Instagram feed flooded with dresses and latest fashion jewellery . And, most of the time this merchandise is offered by unknown brand/ designer. Intagram is changing fashion industry and becoming a launch platform for many budding fashion

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Indian online fashion market is growing at humongous  rate. As per the study conducted by online fashion retailer Myntra , online fashion and lifestyle market is pegged at $100 billion and growing at a CAGR of 8-10% offline, the segment gradually seems to be embracing online as the channel of the future, evident from a projected

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For over 100 million middle class families in tier II, III cities and beyond, this festival season is as exciting and joyous as the 400-odd families in Metros and tier I cities. For, these people will not have to wait for their cousins or relatives from ‘cities’ to return with festival goodies that are not available in

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Millennial, between the age group of 18 and 35 years of age is becoming the driver force in consumer markets and redefining India’s consumption story. To remain relevant to millennial audience for long time is challenging to any consumer brand. Speaking on same, Sanjay Sharma, Chief Executive Officer, MTR Foods Private Limited,

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Japanese retailers such as DeuxiemeClasse in Osaka and Birdhouse in Tokyo, Story in New York, Easybuy and Breya in India are some brands that are as different as cheese and chalk, yet surprisingly,they have common strings that tie them together. While DeuxiemeClasse and Birdhouse are known for their curated, theme-based

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Criteo the advertising platform for the open Internet has released seasonal data in anticipation of Diwali, to help e-commerce companies and online retailers better understand the buying behaviour of their customers during the festive season. The seasonal data, based on consumers’ online browsing and buying behaviour during the

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Mithila, an advertising professional, mostly buys her monthly essentials from ecommerce marketplace and she trusts her etailers, as much as she trusts her neighbourhoodkirana store ‘bhaiyya’. However, her recent purchase of a vegan product on Amazon turned out to be non-vegan when the product arrived, and she was left

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For centuries, women were considered weak and were not considered capable of owning a business. While the situation is a lot better now but we still have a long way to go. A recent Facebook study suggested that four out of five women in India aspire to become entrepreneurs and inspiring more women into entrepreneurship would

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At a time when millennials have moved on from taxis to Uber and ‘shaadikishagun’ is now e-cash, can gifting choices be limited to just home décor and fashion? Why waste money on crockeries when the same money can give free rides for a month or even a year? Innovating on transport services seems to be the need of the

BY Shwetha Satyanarayan  |  Sep 27, 2018  |  comments ( 0 )  | 

Commerce has a new entrant! While E-commerce is now ubiquitous, there is another trend that is now picking up rapidly. Voice commerce, although, is somewhat in its nascent stages, is already starting to show powerful influence on consumer behaviours. How is everyone getting ready to handle this new wave of shopping technology?

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Twenty days after Swedish retailer IKEA entered the Indian market with much hype and chaos in Hyderabad, it seems like its ‘desi’ counterparts are leaving no stone unturned to take on the home furnishing giant. Although some furniture makers maintainthere’s no threat in the long run, some agree that there has been

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Indian accessory brand Baggit that started its journey back in 1990, today has presence in 90 cities across India with 47 exclusive outlets and presence in 300 multi-brand retail stores. Nina Lekhi - Founder, MD, Chief Design Curator, of the brand had introduced the concept of using traditional handicraft skills to create modern

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The eyewear market in India is growing at a fast pace. Once a stagnant industry, now it is one of the fastest growing retail sectors. Technological advancement and increasing demand for sunglasses & opticals have contributed to this significantly. The customers are becoming style conscious and do not wish to comprise with their

BY Shipra Srivastava  |  Aug 22, 2018  |  comments ( 0 )  | 

If you have more often than not looked for a product on ecommerce marketplace, liked it, moved it to the cart and left the website, then alas, you are one among the new age buyers’ tribe that usually follows this retail routine. And you are not alone in this shopping sojourn. For, only 40 per cent of the digital buyers in India

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Increased internet penetration and the rise of social media has led to the genesis of Influencer Marketing or ‘Digital word-of-mouth’. Influencer marketing is a collaborative brand marketing strategy wherein retailers partner with social media ‘influencers’ to create authentic engagement around their products.

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