Maternity Wear Gets Increasingly Popular Amongst Indian women
Maternity Wear Gets Increasingly Popular Amongst Indian women

76 percent of Indian mothers believe that one should invest in maternity wear. Despite the recognition of its practicality, more than half of the women (56 percent) revealed that they usually size up and wear baggy outfits during pregnancy, rather than wearing clothing that is especially suited for maternity use.

Mylo, a full-stack solution for expecting and new mothers, in its survey with expecting and new moms about their preferences in maternity wear stated that, although salwar kameez, with its give and forgiving silhouette, has been the go-to option for pregnant women in the country for generations, its ubiquity may be declining.

It further said that after oversized options, the second most popular pregnancy clothing item was maternity dresses, worn by one-third of women (33 percent), followed by the salwar kameez (26 percent). Maternity tops were donned by 13 percent of women, while maternity bottoms (leggings and trousers) were used by less than 10 percent of the respondents. When it came to post-pregnancy clothing, 32 percent of women reported wearing nursing bras and 30 percent said that they had used support belts.

Almost every woman who was surveyed reported prioritizing comfort when selecting maternity clothing, with a preference for breathable yet structured options that can provide adequate support.

However, a yearning for comfort does not equate to a complete disregard for style, with the majority (60 percent) of respondents describing that their least favorite quality about maternity wear was that it was too casual and not very flattering.

A third of the respondents felt that the market was too limited in general and didn’t have enough choices, while almost 40 percent of the women reported there were not many affordable options for them.

Most women browsed and shopped for maternity wear online, the most popular option being on general e-commerce clothing sites (54 percent), followed by maternity-specific D2C portals (21 percent).

Word-of-mouth was the strongest guiding factor for making a purchase, with the majority of respondents (60 percent) relying on friends and family for advice, followed by  20 percent depending on recommendations from online influencers. According to Mylo’s survey, celebrities did not come across as influencers for maternity wear with only 2 percent of Indian women taking their cue from celebrities.

“Pregnancy is a time when many women experience physical discomforts such as back pain, body ache, and sore breasts. Maternity wear is essential to help reduce discomfort and as well as make mothers look and feel good. Women across the country are still looking for the right maternity wear option that not only provides optimal comfort but does not compromise on style and is available in every budget. Now with the growth of new-age D2C players entering the maternity wear market, the segment is gaining favor with Indian women,” commented Shaveta Gupta, Head, Content and Community, Mylo.  


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