Where does Gen X Stand in Determining the Turn of Beauty Industry
Where does Gen X Stand in Determining the Turn of Beauty Industry

Gen-Xers are self-sufficient, resourceful, and individualistic people who are accustomed to caring for themself since before reaching adulthood. They value freedom and responsibility and usually overcome challenges on their own. They are tech-savvy, educated, flexible, and have greater entrepreneurial tendencies than previous generations and hence they know more and question things without taking everything for granted. Their skepticism is in fact harnessed and understood by smart marketers to create brands that appeal to their intrinsic nature.

Gen-Xers are usually working, successful adults who are at their highest earning potential and actually have disposable income to spend. Even though they are the last generation to dial a rotary phone, they are high-tech literate. Born between 1965 and 1980, they are the generation that introduced cell phones. They are skeptical because they grew up watching politicians openly lie and they are sure to put out very valid and well thought of questions to almost any and every claim made by brands today.

The Gen-Xers are the generation that reinvented almost everything, and they are ready to reinvent how they look and feel about themselves too. They are not their parents and don’t look or dress like them. They don’t buy generic beauty, hair, and skincare products like the generation before them, they are conscious consumers who read labels and want to know what ingredients have gone into their favorite skincare and they have the resources to actually buy luxury skin and beauty products. They want to use products that target their specific skin concerns like pigmentation, dullness, marks, fine lines, etc, and are ready to go all out to purchase them.

When it comes to the ever-changing beauty industry, a Gen-Xer has a very positive approach to beauty, they want to find ways to prolong their health and looks by using products that are renewing and help them in aging gracefully. For them, age is just a number and they are set to reinvent the rules of aging. They act, dress, and look the way they feel, and not according to a number! They want efficacious products that call out to them with authenticity and results. They are usually strapped for time and don’t have the luxury of surfing the web aimlessly or following ten-step beauty regimens daily. They do like to research and follow brands and stay in the know about new beauty products and services. They definitely check reviews and watch tutorials before buying.

A Gen-Xer is usually very open to learning more about beauty. They follow beauty accounts on Instagram and Facebook and are mindful about their beauty purchases, very often considering product ingredients and price. Beauty for a Gen-Xer is part of a holistic approach to overall wellness. They consider all the ways to make themselves look and feel more youthful. Their resources and priorities are different from their younger counterparts - the Millenials. From eating clean to finding a skincare product with the right mix of organic and natural ingredients, is what a Gen-Xer is looking for. They know beauty comes from the inside out and they focus more on how her skincare and cosmetics will make them feel rather than following the latest makeup look.

Unfortunately, in spite of being a generation with high disposable incomes, they are overlooked and neglected by a lot of brands who are too busy focussing on millennials or a seemingly older audience. Gen-Xers are treated like the forgotten middle child when honestly they are a force to be reckoned with. With the advent of the pandemic, they have in fact started focussing even more on their wellness and skincare routine.

Some beauty brands are changing their approach towards Gen-Xers with age diversity messages where they focus on aging well rather than anti-aging. Their 'less in more' approach resonates with this generation, and with the advent of multi-functional products that give results and are not time-consuming, they are obviously focussing on Gen-Xers.

Sargam Dhawan Bhayana, Director at Paul Penders India, a vegan and natural EWG Certified brand of skin, beauty, and hair care feels Gen-Xers are looking for beauty brands to give them products that simplify their hectic lives. Gen-Xers, like Sargam’s own mother, want to look and feel good and are willing to take the time to do so in spite of working, running their homes, and having to deal with their millennial offspring. They are looking for brands that respect their value system of authenticity, sustainability, and eco-mindedness. They are not digital natives, and innovation and technology in every sphere of life drive them in their day-to-day lives. They are more inclined to buy cruelty-free and vegan products than their older counterparts.

So it is time for the beauty market to get up and take notice of the Gen-Xers who are the people who are willing to invest time and money in their beauty regimens!

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