Mr.Button expands to 13 countries with Eshopbox

Mr.Button expands its presence in Europe, North America and Australia with its exquisite fit, minimal designs and impeccable tailoring for the modern man.
Mr.Button expands to 13 countries with Eshopbox
MR BUTTON, the ultimate Men's Style Destination to guide, inspire and provide men with sartorial clothing and effortless style, recently announced that it has expanded its business to 13 countries from India through e-commerce with the help of EShopBox, continuing the company's international expansion.
This new business initiative from Mr Button transform one of India’s leading fashion brands into a global e-tail presence, driven by the EShopBox’s multi-channel commerce capabilities with end-to-end fulfillment with continuous innovation in complex, consumer-driven world. With this platform, Mr Button will offer a wide product range of well-crafted Shirts, Trousers, Blazers, Suits, Shorts to a wide international group of fashion conscious men.
"Expanding the Fashion portal to different geographies require a broader and deeper understanding of the complexities and challenges attached towards personalising the platform to suit varied geographies. The team at Eshopbox brilliantly comprehends the dynamics and has been helping us build a solid & robust platform to make that happen.  The platform aims to provide a unique mix of content, commerce & service", said Deepak Khetan, Founder & CEO at Mr Button.
"We anticipate this initiative with Mr Button to be the first of many as we continue to grow global trade solutions capabilities of our ecommerce platform. We look forward to extend such capabilities to more of our current and prospective customers, providing them with a highly customizable, managed service that enables brands to rapidly react to customer behavior and scale their international business", said Mayur Karwa, Chief Technology Officer, EShopBox.
Nowadays, brands need to manage various activities online and offline to deliver, exceptional ecommerce experience to its customers. Mr. Button in this respect has expanded to international markets with overwhelming response, exquisite fit, minimal designs and impeccable tailoring for the modern man. Eshopbox team is now helping Mr Button to re-launch a complete new web & mobile platform, which will not only help men find the most desirable clothing but also provide a well curated, personalized and guided shopping experience. In this fast paced growth aim is to keep the focus intact and provide a wow customer experience. Esohpbox has been instrumental in adopt to the ever changing dynamics of the industry.
Founded by Khetan Apparel Pvt Ltd., today, Mr Button is available online, in 13 countries and it is grown to be a global brand from India.  With a vision in mind, Deepak Khetan, to make Indian men look as attractive, smart & stylish, down the street, like those under the Tuscan Sun., Mr button was cordially put together in August 2011, with an aim to become the ultimate style destination for men to meet their sartorial needs.
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