Retail therapy for Friendship Day

Retailers are wooing consumers with a range of promotional offers.
Retail therapy for Friendship Day

Friendship’s day is for all, but is exclusively popular among youngsters.  They do a lot of stuff to make the day special, like they exchange gifts, wear similar clothes, tie  friendship bands.. and so on.  To leverage from the occasion retailers have geared up in full-swing, they are announcing the deals and offers just not only to make the day special for their customers( especially the young ones), but to earn good business in a single day as well. Be it food retailer or apparels, music and so on.  Almost every retailer is doing something special to churn out  profit from the occasion.  Let’s throw a  light upon few prominent retail houses and their strategy  how they are leveraging from the occasion.

Food & FMCG companies :Eating it out !

Food retailers & Food Service companies are also not willing to waste the opportunity. Uber Lounge at GK 2  are observing Hola Amigos week, which has already started from 29th July, and will continue till 7 August. Their  menu begins from just Rs 210. Mad over Donuts, yet another popular  food retailer from the capital city  is also observing the  Friendship  week and offering  1 donut free on purchase of  2 donuts. The cost of their donuts in mere  Rs 55 only.  4700BC Popcorn in another addition in the list,  which  has presented friendship special menu. They are offering popcorns dipped in caramel, chocolate and cheese. The product is available in mere Rs 65. Lodi – The garden restaurant is also gearing  up to observe  friendship day. They are offering friendship specific menu  along with the movie screening. They will serve a three course menu at Rs. 750 only. Likewise, Dum Affairs, a prominent Awadhi cuisine  restaurant from South extension area  is also offering  finger liking food  on decent rates.

FMGC  companies are too launcing  friendship  special  gift items. For an example,  Opera Crisps has come up  with many flavors for friendship day, like Cheese Jalapeno, Italian herbs, Salt & blak pepper, etc. The price of these Opera crisps starts from Rs 25. Addressing the occasion,  Geeta Bector,  the Chief Tasting Officer at Cremica, said  "Not only are friends the family you choose yourself, but a friendship requires various ingredients to build a strong bond that helps one through the different experiences life has to offer, whether good or bad. Similarly Opera Cottage Style Crisps are a perfect amalgam of classic handmade style of preparation and delightful ingredients. So this Friendship Day opens a packet of Opera crisps and let the flavours linger on as you reminisce the good times with your mates!"


The trend  of  personalized  gift items was always in the fray, and always will be, guessing the business potential has launched  Hum-Tum package for this friendship day.  They are offering personalized Friendship Band, Stone with frame, Key chain holder to Photo magic mug. The range of their products starts from mere 99 INR. Eretailers here are giving a knock to brick and mortar retailers who have always used this day to big advantage .Brands like Archies and Ferns N petals have played it big  this year too by spawning the tradition of exchanging 'Friendship Day' gifts and 'Happy Friendship Day' merchandise among the new generation.

 Fashion Retailers :Dressing it Up

Leading international apparel brand Mark & Spencer (M & S) has announced ‘friendship day special combination clothing’ and has  launched  friendship day special  polo shirts starting from Rs 499 in a variety of  colors  and  sizes. The idea behind the collection seems ‘wear similar clothes, but do not replicate  the style’. 

Happy Friendship Day!




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