Advantages of Earning Microsoft Certification in Windows Server 2016 with 70-741 Exam. Why You Must Use Practice Tests to Pass?
Advantages of Earning Microsoft Certification in Windows Server 2016 with 70-741 Exam. Why You Must Use Practice Tests to Pass?

The introduction of new systems has streamlined the way activities are done. This has led to rapid technology growth. Microsoft is among the top technology companies that spearhead invention and innovation in the field of ICT. Thus, the Windows Server 2016 is among the leading solutions required by organizations. There is a high demand for professionals who work with this product. However, they need to possess special and relevant skills in order to use the solutions effectively. And this is wherethe MCSA Windows Server 2016 badge comes to the stage.

In this post, we’ll tell you more about the Microsoft ExamSnap Practice Test  exam in particular, one of the three exams necessary to obtain the prestigious the MCSA badge in Windows Server 2016. As well, we will highlight some benefits of becomingWindows Server 2016 accredited and will showcase the importance of using exam dumps while you are preparing for this test. So, let’s start!

Exam Details

To begin with, 70-741 test focuses on networking with Windows Server 2016 and is one of the three compulsory tests you need to go through to get the MCSA Windows Server 2016 certification. This credential validates your skills in cutting down the cost of IT and providing better business value. You also need to pass the other two exams to earn this badge. They include the Microsoft 70-740 and 70-742 tests.

According to the vendor, assessment 70-741 contains 40-60 questions that must be completed within 2 hours. These questions are presented in a range of various formats like build list, mark review, case studies, multiple-choice, among many others. To be able to sit for the test, you’ll need to pay an exam fee of $165.

Of course, the procedure of becoming accredited is rather long and thorny, however, it can result in a numerous professional andpersonal advantages of possessing the MCSA Windows Server 2016 credential. Let’s look into some of them.

Reasons to Become Windows Server 2016 Certified

Once you earn the MCSA Windows Server 2016 certification, you’ll have your skills validated in networking with Windows 2016. Thus, you’ll have a chance to take advantage of the career prospects linked to it. There are plenty of benefits that you can attain due to earning this credential. So, with it you:

  1. Widen your knowledge and skills

The IT industry is ever-changing. So, it's important to make sure you are updated with new information in your area of expertise. The skills that seemed helpful the other day will be obsolete in no time. Technology is evolving, and the specialists must ensure they’re at the same level as the key improvements. The MCSA Windows Server 2016 certification is an ideal way to ensure that you have upgraded your skills to suit and meet the IT industry standards.

  1. Can get employed easily with a much higher salary

The majority of employers will prefer to hire professionals instead of generalists. So,70-741 exam offers you everything you require to be crowned as a professional. Bear in mind that the primary focus of the badge is Windows Server 2016. So, passing 70-741 and winning the Windows Server 2016 credential will showcase that you have the required skills in offering this Microsoft solution. Thus, you can become qualified as a computer network specialist or as a network or computer systems administrator with theaverage salaries of about $56k and $61k respectively. To learn more about salaries for these positions, check the

  1. Get recognition

It’s worrying that most professionals are still jobless, since they are not recognized during interviews. You need to make sure you stand out among other candidates when searching for employment. Adding the MCSA badge in Windows Server 2016 on your CV list will attract the attention of your potential employer, which means you will be chosen as the best fit for that position.

  1. Get promoted easily

In the past, the only way to get a promotion was by working exceptionally. Though this is still there, the industry-standard credentials are also becoming among the most preferred way to get promoted. This is because passing the tests showcases dedication and commitment to your career. Also, taking these exams requires you to sacrifice your resources and time. For this reason, your potential employer will be convinced that you can complete your tasks quickly and efficiently. Once you pass 70-741 exam and get the MCSA credential, you expand your horizons and get promoted easily.

  1. Have a chance to join Microsoft events and seminars

The vendor organizes seminars and events to assist in developing and marketing new services and products. Once you do well in 70-741 test, you get a ticket to participate in Microsoft’s seminars and events since you’re recognized as a member of its popular community. Opportunities like these have many benefits like participating in validation and verification of Microsoft solutions. You’ll also take part in competitions that are designed to improve inventions and innovations in the IT industry.

Now that you are equipped with the knowledge of the benefits of becoming accredited in Windows Server 2016, it’s time to know more about the ways to prepare for your upcoming 70-741 assessment. Find out below how to do this.

Reasons to Use Practice Tests for Your 70-741 Exam Preparation

The is a site that offers reliable resources that are perfect for your exam preparation. Practice tests offered by this online platform are essential in numerous ways. For instance, they are set like the real exams, are expert-verified if to speak about the paid version or uploaded by previous exam-takers for free, and they cover all the exam domains. These reliable practice tests together with the VCE Exam Simulator offer you a perfect chance to see the actual test environment before taking the assessment. Get the paid, validated by IT experts, 70-741 Premium Bundle that includes 256 premium questions and answers, 57 training course lectures and a 1639-page study guide for just $49.99! Or just download free and actual practice tests form the provider’s website.

So, with the reliable online platform as Examsnap, you can hone your skills and boost your chances of passing this test with flying colors from your first attempt.


Working as a computer network specialist or network system administrator requires the right strategy and involves passing 70-741 test and obtaining the desired MCSA Windows Server 2016 badge. By accomplishing this important goal, you get better career prospects and salary as well as become recognized by a lot of employers. So, make sure you use dependable preparation materials such as free updated practice tests from Examsnap. Only with them, you can achieve what you work hard for. All the best as you seek to accomplish your career goals with Microsoft!


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