"Time to Reinvent for Indian railways" says Parliamentary Committee

A 31-member Parliamentary panel came heavily on the working culture and future policies of Indian railways. The panel headed by former railway minister and MP of TMC, Dinesh Trivedi, evaluated and talked on every aspect of the Indian Railways.
“Time to Reinvent for Indian railways” says Parliamentary Committee
A parliamentary panel on railways has suggested to the Indian government to make sure that the investment plan for railways should serve as a stimulus package to help them in fixing its depreciating financial credibility.
The panel chaired by Dinesh Trivedi, Former Minister for Railways, suggested that railways should work on how to use the funds to garner good results. The whole exercise should be based on a system-based approach to produce maximum benefits.
The Indian railways need to reinvent its working style and functions. The public transport should work to fulfill its social responsibilities first rather than earning profits, said the standing committee on Indian Railways. The Committee also added that there should be clarity about the role and obligations of Indian railways to deliver better services to passengers.
Asking about the role of Indian railways, the committee said it is a profit making entity or an organisation with social goals for billion individuals using it as a mode of transportation. The comment on working style becomes way more important as the current policies of the Indian railways resists projects which don’t have viability content to it. 
if Indian railways evaluates a project based on profitability itself, then it’s a led down not just for the nation which claims to be a welfare state but the railway itself, concluded the 31-member committee. The panel recommended for a national policy of Indian railways on an immediate and urgent basis. 
Evaluating the security issues, the panel showed great dissatisfaction on the performance of Indian railways. The committee evaluated allocation and utilisation of money used for building over bridges and under bridges.
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