How Escaro Royale Is Adopting Digital Initiatives To Enhance User Experience In Footwear Sector
How Escaro Royale Is Adopting Digital Initiatives To Enhance User Experience In Footwear Sector

The Indian Footwear industry has come a long way over the years as the products being offered now are innovative, design-enhanced and customized. However, the shoe market, like all other industries, saw a setback in the last two years, is now recovering significantly as the economy is reviving and people returning to their normal lives.

Luxury lifestyle shoe brand Escaro Royale has been working intensively in recent years to adopt digital initiatives to improve the user experience for the Footwear sector and stand out in the market.  

“We have deployed significant efforts and funds in understanding and enhancing the user experience over the last few years. We consolidate and analyze the activities of our consumers and then relate that to their overall experience to identify any possible scope of improvement,” said Ambud Sharma, Founder, and CEO, Ligo Group, which owns and operates Escaro Royale.

The company’s product range extends to include luxury accessories and footwear for both men and women with the average ticket size lying at about Rs 9000. The company has also tapped into a new category of leisure luxury and has started offering a wide range of comfortable footwear with 'premium-look' like slip-ons, mules, sneakers, leather slippers, low-top shoes, etc.

Escaro Royale has also done a lot of work in its backend to ensure consumer data security. “We do not want to expose consumer data to any third-party app or software, and to ensure the same we have developed a complete in-house custom solution for handling the consumer data on the backend. This enables us to ascertain that all the information that is being relayed is encrypted API based on a service provider, delivery service provider, or logistics service provider," Sharma stated.

Such expertise presents a trustworthy brand image to its clients, which is also unique when currently in the market most outsource their services to third party providers. 

In fact, all of its products and services are processed in-house to provide all services under one roof to enhance the customer experience and satisfaction.

Strong D2C Strategy

India’s D2C industry is fast growing in the present-day context which can be attributed to the robust technical advancements that the world has witnessed in recent times. As per a report, the D2C segment could have a $100 billion addressable market by 2025. 

Being a pure D2C brand that does not deal through any third-party e-commerce platforms and has made a significant presence in the market, Escaro Royale's insights would be useful to the D2C market at large. 

“The strategy that has worked for us to date involves providing a quality product, honest marketing, a smooth user experience, and effective customer service/ grievance redressal mechanisms. The key is to have a differentiated product that is your USP,” Sharma added.

Escaro Royale imports white crust leather only from Argentina and metal accessories from Taiwan as these nations specialize in the making of the aforementioned materials. The company claims to run 18 quality checks from the start to the end of the production process and is thus confident in the quality of our products.

Future Plans

The company plans of retail expansion include opening 6 EOBs (Exclusive Brand Outlets) retail stores in the prime locations of Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Bangalore, and Chandigarh by the end of 2022. It is also looking forward to enhancing its offline presence by partnering with non-EOB pure luxury stores in the approaching times. In product assortment, the company is working to develop recently launched leisure luxury and women’s footwear chains.

A purely bootstrap brand as of now, the company is looking forward to raising funds from external sources in the near future.

Currently, the company's products are available at 20 non-EBOs across India. 

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