How Indoor Play Parks are contributing to the revenue of shopping centres?

The only business which complement and increases the value of any other store or offering in the mall is Indoor Play Parks as for a family visiting.
How Indoor Play Parks are contributing to the revenue of shopping centres?

The trend of indoor play parks is fast catching up with the new age parents, owing to the number of facilities they provide. Young parents settled in big cities and having nuclear families are single handedly raising children. Indoor play parks are a boon for them, when they need to either entertain their kids in the play zone or leave them at the crèche for a few hours. The turnout at play parks has been quite convincing as lone parents need such focused services where kids get a chance to learn and spend time qualitatively, while they get some break for other chores and activities.

Usually located in malls that house several shops, food kiosks salons, spas, multiplex, coffee shops as well as different service booths, it is an entertainment package to spend a complete day. This leisure time can go erratic when there are young children involved. Therefore the arrangement of indoor play parks inside the premises of malls is a wonderful attraction for parents and kids alike. Shopping for kids has always been a tedious task (not unless it involves their toys), and for the parents, the excitement often gets killed when they see their kids acting uninterested and clumsy. In such tricky situations, where neither the parents nor the kids can be blamed and when sometimes, shopping is almost necessary, indoor play parks come for the rescue.

Located within malls, parents can settle their kids for sometime at the park, and head off to shop. With the kids settled, entertained and safe, parents can now relax and shop leisurely, while checking over them as and when required. Malls and indoor play parks together are a superb way for both kids and parents to enjoy, under the same roof. It is a one stop solution if one wants to eat out, watch a movie, shop, or get spa services, some entertainment and relaxation at the same time. With utmost security, basic facilities as well as top-notch services, malls together with play zones and crèches for the kids are a great combination and mutually beneficial.

When parents get some alone time, they shop freely, spend quality time at bistros and take pleasure in add on services like spa, hair care, nail art and gaming zones for adults, among others. In a comfortable space, with a peaceful mind and an aim to unwind, parents make complete use of varied services at the malls, shop and munch, which in turn increases the economy of the shopping arcade. Malls with Indoor play parks within its periphery, have seen a significant improvement in its revenue generation as the turnout of young parents has risen drastically. With play parks taking care of the young ones, parents get the much needed space and free time to involve in recreation and experience some stress free time.

And with kids being kids, shopkeepers also get to see some added drama, when children get adamant and demand things, their parents are reluctant to buy. For the shops close to the play parks, children are bound to get attracted and insist for toys that their parents are averse to purchase but give in because of nonstop crying and insistence, which ultimately plays well for the shop owners.

Shopping centers with a dedicated space for kids is a trend that is suitable and in pressing need for the frazzled parents who have no one but them to look after the frenzied children! Indoor play parks are a pleasant way for both parents and their brood to have some gala time in the absence of each other’s company!

Nimish Kenia states that “The only business which complement and increases the value of any other store or offering in the mall is Indoor Play Parks as for a family visiting, the prime concern is optimum utilization of their time and once kids are taken care of at the places like Happy Planet - the parents are carefree to fulfill their wishes and indulge in shopping, eating or pampering. Thus Indoor play parks hugely contribute to the economy of shopping centre’s and you will always find a few in each mall”.



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