LOOK what Rahul is UP to in HOUSING

As if the letter to Sequoia Capital and giving away entire stake in the company to the employees was not enough, Rahul Yadav has taken the internet by storm, with his new move.
Rahul Yadav dares Olacabs & Zomato

Two days ago, the internet was taken by storms when Rahul Yadav, the 26-year-old CEO of Housing.com, surprised everyone by his alleged noble step, wherein he announced that giving away his entire stake in the company to the employees as a gift.

And now, he has again made a swift move, by challenging two of the honchos of the industry, i.e. Deepinder Goyal, the Founder & CEO at Zomato and Bhavish Aggarwal, Co-Founder & CEO at Olacabs.com to follow his footprints and give away HALF (not full) of thir shares to their employees.

While all of it is being alleged to be a publicity stunt by the firm, preceded by the letter to Sequoia Capital, resignation from the post of CEO and further withdrawal of resignation, the followers and Facebook gen is going gaga over it, as they praise the CEO.

Oh! Do you know someone has named the move as #sharebucketchallenge? And the CEO has asked the guys of Olacabs and Zomato to spread the word and nominate further.

Yadav’s share is estimated to be worth Rs 150-200 crore which he has passed on to the 2,251 employees as a gift. He made this announcement on Wednesday at the company townhall. According to the statement from company, employees will get approximately one year of their annual salaries worth of Housing.com stocks.

While the portal Housing.com is seen as one of the big success stories in India's eCommerce space, Rahul Yadav has certainly became the stalwart driven by his out-of-the-box moves. No clues about the responses from Olacabs and Zomato, but certainly ‘achhe din’ have knocked the doors of housing employees. 

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