Making dead spaces alive

Malls are attempting to effectively utilise unused space via ATMs, kiosks and allied strategies.
Making dead spaces alive

Malls across the country are attempting to suitably utilise 'dead' or unused spaces, via a range of strategies including kiosks, promotional events and allied tools.

Such spaces in a mall can vary across the country, but the broad consensus is that it typically accounts for 2-5 per cent of the total space of a shopping centre. And, in the current slowdown, senior managers at malls are aiming to improve their monthly rentals by effectively leveraging these spaces.  

Jitendra Pal, Director, Rudrabhishek Architects and Designers, said, “Malls need to pay careful attention to reducing dead spaces via suitable designs.”

Strategies employed

 Benu Sehgal, VP - Mall Management, DLF Utilities pointed out that at DLF Place Saket they utilise such space for ‘below the line’ promotional activities,  while senior officials at Alpha G:Corp pointed out that they organise various events from time to time.

Prodipta Sen, Executive Director, Marketing, Corporate Affairs & Retail, Alpha G:Corp, said, “At our Amritsar mall, we mounted a boat shaped stage and placed it below the escalator, and we organise various community-based events for a small fee.”

Abhishek Bansal, Executive Director, Pacific Development Corporation, also stressed that malls can set up ATMs and allied facilities in such spaces.

Senior managers at malls pointed out that income from ‘dead’ spaces contributes 5-10 per cent of their total revenues.

Clearly, ‘dead’ spaces are also playing a significant role in ensuring the viability of malls.

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