How has the Pandemic Given a Big Push to 'Made-in-India' Products

The Indian manufacturing sector has seen a vast shift owing to the pandemic, and the 'Make in India' scheme that was launched in 2014, has seen a robust and necessary revival.
How has the Pandemic Given a Big Push to ‘Made-in-India’ Products

An event that will go down in history as one of the deadliest health crises ever to be faced by mankind is the Covid-19 pandemic. Since it first impacted the world more than a year ago, not only did it severely impact the health conditions worldwide, but it has also led to the cause of major economic and social destruction, not only in India but globally.  

The Indian manufacturing sector has seen a vast shift owing to the pandemic, and the ‘Make in India’ scheme that was launched in 2014, has seen a robust and necessary revival. The limitation of trading relations and goods with the tag ‘Made in China’ has also positively stirred the resurrection of everyone in the country preferring homegrown products that are procured, crafted, and manufactured in the country, thereby giving a push to ‘Made in India’ products.  

This push has given rise to huge development in the manufacturing infrastructure of the nation, mainly because now, everyone is more inclined to homegrown, natural, organic products and supporting businesses that have adopted the same ideologies. 

One of the Indian brands Swadesi has been founded keeping the same ethos in mind. There has been a great success in the interlink between consumers and producers or manufacturers over the past months that have experienced this shift, from foreign goods and products to implementing and imbibing the cultural phenomena that boost the ‘Made in India’ campaign. 

Since Covid-19 started, studies suggest that several multinational companies are contemplating moving their chains to India, thereby making a big leap towards great opportunities that will benefit businesses that have not exactly had an advantage in terms of business, due to the pandemic. 

Food, retail, and skincare are a few of the sectors that have seen quite a major growth in terms of keeping with the ‘Made In India’ campaign successfully. The pandemic has made most people realize that there is no substitute for quality home remedies, organic products, dawning apparel that is made from raw materials sourced from your own land, and launching products that have a great value proposition. So much so, that there has been improved distribution of ‘Made in India’ products in the rural sector too, which has widely increased the scope of production and acceptance of the same ideology in the market today. 

New initiatives have been adapted with new ways of expansion that have helped the Indian consumers to see and understand the importance of having a conscious mindset towards the nation and to switch to the products that can give the Indian economy the boost it requires. 

Brands such as Bio-Ayurveda, Organic Harvest, Nirvana, Auric, Biotique are amongst the several other brands that have adopted the ways of creating a space that supports the ethics and culture of ‘Made in India’. With their ideals deeply rooted in the Indian soil, they not only manufacture, develop and create products that are of excellent quality but also help vision India’s economic growth in the post-pandemic world. 

India has experienced a change in the sentiments of the customer, towards ‘Made in India’ products, creating an impact and reinstating trust amongst people on their homeland’s brands and products. In other words, it is also safe to say that the pandemic has sparked the re-emergence of the Swadesi way of life, which in the long run will immensely help all the home-grown brands and businesses grow organically.

In recent times, in an optimistic observation of the Indian business landscape, there is a well-established and potent homegrown brand in almost every category in the market. Due to certain limitations in the purchase of foreign goods and products, the void is getting filled in by all the organic innovations that stepped in at the right time. 

With Swadesi, the founding team is building an e-commerce platform that facilitates a lasting relationship with the Indian consumers which will eventually be beneficiary for the country’s organic growth, thereby slowly proceeding towards a healthy economy.  

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