How the Nutraceutical Industry is Planning to Expand

Decades of real-world usage have provided ample proof; factory-made non-natural pills tend to do more harm than good. The truth is out, nutraceuticals are the way forward.
How the Nutraceutical Industry is Planning to Expand

Nutraceuticals are gaining a lot of traction in the health and wellness space. They provide both physiological benefits as well as protect your body from chronic illnesses. In this sense, they fit both the ‘health’ and ‘wellness’ brief. Natural supplements have been called an ‘alternative’ method. But science now openly proclaims their safety and benefits in living a healthy life when compared to allopathy. Decades of real-world usage have provided ample proof; factory-made non-natural pills tend to do more harm than good. The truth is out, nutraceuticals are the way forward.

The original definition of feeding your body and keeping it healthy was to consume naturally occurring substances as part of your daily diet. Ancient science found a plant-based cure for almost all ailments. Turmeric powder for skin-related issues, chocolate as a natural aphrodisiac, neem for good dental health. You name the problem; our ancestors had a plant that would help treat it. Most of our ‘alternate’ medicinal practices, like Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, etc., revolve around the benefits of natural plant-based extracts. This very concept forms the basis of the nutraceuticals industry - natural, plant-based remedies for all health and wellness-related issues.

Remember what our parents and grandparents told us? Eat your greens! Try grandma’s ‘nuska’ or ‘phakkis’ and you’ll instantly feel better. No matter what part of the world you come from, you have been exposed to age-old home remedies, and to be honest, they do work. The one common thing was that none of these concoctions ever tasted good. Natural plant-based extracts are almost always bitter. In fact, the more bitter they are the more potent and effective they are in doing what they are meant to. We, humans, are such slaves to our taste buds, that we tend to sideline everything that is not very palatable and opt for pills because we think they are easier to digest. Well not completely. 

Modern-day diets cannot give the body everything it needs to stay healthy. Period. The world has started to realize this and is making the shift to supplementing. However, in the quest for easy to ingest, easy on the palate supplements, people tend to hoard chemical-based pills that the body cannot fully absorb. These pills and sugar-heavy supplements end up doing more harm than good. Imagine, throwing your body’s other macros into whack to get your daily dose of vitamins. Little benefits, lots of damage. 

While it is true that the human body absorbs foods that it enjoys the most a lot better, the taste is not the end or only goal of supplementing. Taste is the approach and wellness is the goal. 

Making all-natural supplements good to taste has been the Everest of the supplements industry. The nutraceuticals industry focuses on bringing you ‘nutra’ or nutritious pharmaceuticals that give your body essentials from plant-based sources as opposed to lab-made nutrients. This is done by giving you concoctions that you would truly enjoy eating and camouflaging the bitter taste of the natural ingredients. For example, candyceuticals. The aim is to give your body all the good in the form of something that is nostalgic and makes your mouth water. The industry is turning towards formulating tastier concoctions to make your body healthy and whole again. 

So, when it comes to the end goal of the nutraceutical or wellness industry, it is not just the taste. It is to make people healthy with quantities and qualities of ingredients that your body can absorb without hampering any organ and its functions. While taste does play a factor in the way your body takes in all the nutrients, it cannot be isolated as the single most important goal of supplementing. It is important enough that candyceuticals have become a revolutionary way to feed your body the right stuff. But while it is trendy to supplement this way, it is important that you read your labels and only pick plant-based brands, low on additives, sugar, and unnatural ingredients. 

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