Tips To Choose The Right Brand Name For A New Business

A brand name is one of the core pillars that determines the popularity and success of a business
Tips To Choose The Right Brand Name For A New Business

Aside from the logo, one of the key elements that distinguish a brand is its name, with some brand names being more recognizable and easier to spell than others. However, despite the importance, we see many brand names being misspelt in searches due to an apparent lack of clarity. 

South Korean automotive manufacturer Hyundai is one of the most misspelt brands on the internet, with an average of 605,000 incorrect global online searches per month. Common search variations for Hyundai include ‘Hundai’ (581,000 monthly searches) and ‘Hiundai’ (24,000 monthly searches), as per a report by 

In the second place is Lamborghini, with an average of 365,000 inaccurate online searches a month for the luxury sports car giant. Ferrari is in the third position; the misspelt ‘Ferari’ is searched online an average of 123,000 times a month.

It is interesting to realize that seven out of the 20 most misspelt brands on the internet are from the automotive industry. 

“A brand name can be one of the core pillars that will determine the popularity and success of a business, therefore aspiring entrepreneurs must give careful consideration when choosing a brand name for their new business,” said Salman Haqqi, Business Finance Editor, 

He also suggested some fundamentals to keep in mind while doing so. 

The brand name has to be unique. “A brand name that is distinctive and makes the business stand out against competitors,” Haqqi added. Obviously, it also has to be digestible such that is not too difficult to say or spell. 

“In the e-commerce age, this is especially important, ideally a brand name people can easily Google and find online,” Haqqi stated.
Moreover, and possibly the most important point, a brand name should be clearly communicated through colours, icons and logos. Longevity is another crucial point - “Can the brand name grow in correlation with the business and maintain relevancy as the business expands into new products, services, markets and territories,” Haqqi added.

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