Top 6 Ways to Save Wisely on Health Insurance Plans
Top 6 Ways to Save Wisely on Health Insurance Plans

Staying covered under health insurance has become a must in view of uncertainties and rising medical costs.

However, a few people still go without buying health insurance plans, considering they might not be able to manage an additional expense out of their monthly budget. But what if you unexpectedly catch hold of an acute disease? It might cost you your lifetime’s savings.

Therefore, though buying a health insurance plan might add up a little to your expenses, but it will keep you financially secured against medical uncertainties.

In certain ways, you can save wisely on health insurance plans, here are a few interesting tips:

Start At Young Age

There are several benefits of buying a health insurance policy at a young age. One of them is a low premium, which might increase with your increasing age. Moreover, at a young age, you might have various income options and fewer responsibilities; therefore, it becomes easier to pay out the premium amount. And, as you grow old, you will have considerable health insurance cover, helping you stay worry-free and financially covered against medical uncertainties.

Avoid Over Insurance

Sometimes, people end up buying unnecessary riders or choosing unnecessarily high sum assured. To keep away from such mistakes, it is important to analyse your needs, assess your current health status and pre-existing diseases, etc. and make estimations using an online health insurance calculator, avoiding unnecessary extra premiums.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

If you maintain a healthy lifestyle and do not have lifestyle habits, such as smoking or drinking, you might be at a lower risk of catching diseases. However, that doesn’t make you disease-proof. Therefore, despite maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it is advisable to buy a health insurance cover, though you can start with a comparatively low premium.

Look at the Top-up Plans

A basic health insurance plan might not provide appropriate coverage. Therefore, you can play smart and safe by buying top-up health insurance plans to back your basic health insurance plan. Usually, a top-up plan offers an additional sum insured over your primary health insurance plan, which becomes active only when the sum assured of your basic/primary policy is completely exhausted.

Therefore, buying a basic health insurance plan with top-up insurance is a top-notch option that offers adequate coverage at a reasonable premium amount. Otherwise, a health insurance plan with higher coverage might cost you a higher amount.

Consider Buying Family Floater Plan

Depending on the insurer you choose, buying a family floater plan might be affordable compared to buying individual health insurance plans for all family members. Besides, it covers your family members, including your spouse, children, and dependents, under a single health insurance plan at an affordable premium. This might help you save a considerable amount on premium and even offer additional benefits.

However, if your dependents are senior citizens, it is advisable to buy a separate senior citizen health insurance plan for them so that everyone can stay covered under adequate coverage. You can even buy corona insurance cover with a family floater insurance plan.

Consider Buying Insurance Online

It is preferable to buy health insurance plans online because it is not only a convenient option but also reasonable. It is usually because you can save on insurance agent’s fees, avail of discounts and offers, etc. In addition, you get the leverage to compare and choose the best health insurance policy and an opportunity to explore deals and offers. 

Lastly, it is important to choose a credible insurance provider like TATA AIG to stay assured of maximum benefits possible based on your chosen sum assured and tenure. In addition, they have acceptable exclusions and limitations attached to their health insurance plans, thus, making them one of the top and preferable insurers in India.


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