Top 10 Trends in Lingerie Shopping in India
Top 10 Trends in Lingerie Shopping in India

Lingerie is becoming an integral part of women’s wardrobe essentials. Notwithstanding, rapid urbanization across India is one of the key factors driving the growth of the market. The lingerie sector is rapidly growing, and this trend is expected to continue. According to RedSeer, a large consulting group, the female innerwear sector will nearly double to $11–12 billion by 2025. It will grow six times faster than it did in 2020, making it one of the garment industry's fastest-growing segments.

Ever since the pandemic outbreak, the segment has witnessed various disruptions as well as transformations. While the trend of lingerie shopping has witnessed a surge, consumers have shifted from focusing on style to comfort, along with fashion, while making their lingerie choices. According to the Imarc report, during the period 2022–2027, the Indian lingerie market is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 13.13 percent. Keeping the complexities of COVID-19 in mind, businesses are constantly following and monitoring the pandemic's direct and indirect impact.

The list below is based on research and findings by Groversons Paris Beauty and the pioneering lingerie industry, Groversons Group, on the possible lingerie trends in shopping in India.

Key Trends

As we are in 2022, the lingerie market will witness various trends in its trajectory of growth. However, the transition in the segment is very promising and emerging with the key trends that are expected to be seen:

Comfort Fabric

Sassy summers are here. This is the season for refreshing drinks and cool crushers combined with sexy summer outfits. We agree that summer days might be satisfying and a favorite for some, but we cannot ignore the fact that sweaty days and scorching sun kill our entire vibe. While Groversons cannot help with sweat and sun, they can help us by selecting a breathable fabric. However, Groversons further states in a report that 70.78 percent of female consumers found them the best brands for comfortable fabric pieces.

Preferred Color

The summer of 2022 will be ruled by vibrant and eye-popping shades. Hence, neon-colored lingerie and sexy lace bralettes in different hues will rock the sunny summers of 2022! Groversons Paris Beauty further points out via its report that 67.45 percent of customers will no longer be hesitant about experimenting with colors and types, but will also prefer those of good quality and skin-friendly.

Design Trends

The evolution of the Indian innerwear industry can be seen with the shift from basic cotton bras in black, white, and nude colors to padded, push-up, and lacy bras in different designs and color combinations. Notwithstanding, solid wear has added an explosion of different designs and the brightest and boldest colors to the wardrobe of the current generation.

Say Yes to Prints

Lingerie trends have come a long way, from typical black and white wear to individuals becoming more experimental with their design choices, such as striking tones of flora, fauna, animal print, and aquatic life. However, with eco-friendly fashion slowly yet surely becoming the fashion norm, it’s time to celebrate nature’s untamed beauty with an earth-inspired look.


Lingerie trends have gone full cycle and are back to bras. However, young and professional women have been spotted pairing bras of different styles with their normal go-to attire. Comfort and sexy lingerie are unitedly exclusive. Thus, opt for a comfortable piece that passes the vibe check. They do exist! According to Groverson's survey, about 60.78 percent of women shared that having a good-style lingerie collection helps in adoring the oomph factor in their professional as well as everyday lives.

Plus Size: Not a Buzzword

With the rapid urbanization, fashion brands are also emerging with the trends, and in this scenario, offerings for plus-size women are meeting a great deal of excitement for busty women. However, this wasn’t the scenario until a few years ago. Recognized lingerie brands are escalating the demand and supply of plus-size lingerie wear. The Indian lingerie market has witnessed astounding growth and has undergone a transformation. As per this research by Groversons Paris Beauty, the lingerie market for plus-size women in India is expected to grow by 30-40 percent in the coming years.

Shapewear: For the Perfect Shape

Every woman's desire to be in perfect shape, especially on particular occasions, entails flaunting specific physics. Shapewear can aid beauty and provide complete shaping benefits. It is ideal for wearing underneath dresses and fitted attire.

The Athleisure Trend in Activewear

A year ago, activewear lingerie made a major comeback with the athleisure trend, and an increasing number of women are opting to wear activewear bras, especially for workouts and dancing. Available in trendy styles with mesh detailing for added support. Make sure to pick the correct size so you don’t end up wearing an ordinary bra underneath your sports one.

Silk Lace Dresses: Easy Pieces to Wear

You can wear silk lace dresses as an effortless piece under your bed linen with hair rollers and with makeup on, recreating the classy look for a glam night, or pair them with boots and a jacket for that sizzling reveal. It’s the innerwear version of the slip dress, which you can rock outside without second thoughts.

Use Panty Wisely

Choosing the right panty is also an important trend, as well as a factor in having a comfortable lingerie closet. However, the right panty selection is bonafide and aids you in being relaxed in sessions. A comfortable panty that doesn’t give you rashes and skin infections is a treat for your privates. 

Siddharth Grover, Director, Groversons Group said, "It is the undeniable confidence that inspires women indeed to boost their boldness in professional as well as everyday life. Over a period of time, lingerie shopping has evolved significantly, and women are outright and outgoing about what they want."

"Women now prefer experimenting with design, fabric, hues, etc. Lingerie has now become a wardrobe essential for women. Considering new trends are setting up hype in lingerie shopping in India, they now have options to choose promptly. We at Groverson are making considerate efforts to effectively cater to their demands. We want females to feel beautiful, comfortable, and confident with the right lingerie pieces," he added.

New-age females are embracing lingerie in their shopping wish lists and are gaining prominence with the passage of time and increasing demand for premium lingerie. However, with the increase in demand, the trends are evolving and the brands are garnering innovation in terms of colors, style, design, etc. Lingerie has now become a significant essential in every collection. However, considering the fact that the Indian lingerie market is expected to grow prominently in the coming years.

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