3 leanings for start-up brands to deploy the right social commerce strategy

Social commerce is all about people to people commerce. It is an age old concept, companies such as Amway, Oriflame amongst others are built using this concept.
3 leanings for start-up brands to deploy the right social commerce strategy

Indianretailer.com hosted a webinar titled Social Commerce: Decoding the New Normalcy as the part of ongoing IReC web series on 22nd June 2020.  The overall idea of this hour and a half long session was to understand how online commerce is bifurcating into various micro models, such as social commerce, live streaming amongst others? And, how brands and start-ups can equally leverage these futuristic concepts to improve profitability?

 Varun Alagh, Founder, Chief Dad, MamaEarth one of the esteemed panelists who shed the light on his journey from Digital-first brand to omnipresent brand, also how he is curving his social commerce strategy to win the game. Despite having offline distribution, MamaEarth still sold almost a million units via online channel every month.

Speaking on his journey Varun said, “Though digital is a buzzword these days, it had made sense to us since the beginning because we had limited money and digital give us easy access to our target community in limited means.  Since our target audience was evolved parents who are looking for innovative products for their young ones. Digital helped us in reaching out to those strata of society.”

Going for forward he talks about how social commerce changed the game for him.. Here is what he has to say..

'Social Commerce' and selling through social platforms like Facebook are two entirely different concepts: Learn the art and science behind both

As per Varun social commerce is very different from using social commerce for selling. Social commerce is all about people to people commerce. It is not a new concept; in fact, there is a large percentage of personal care brands such as Amway, Oriflame amongst others which have been built on B2B commerce. The digital version of this mechanism is called Social Commerce.

“Selling through social and social commerce are two different games. Social commerce is all about people selling on behalf of people using different social platforms where you clearly demark your social consultant. The process is similar to hiring a digital distributor for your business, for example, Companies such as Meesho, shop 101 are driven towards that set of social commerce. Brands cannot go through that route because you need a lot of training for implementation. So, I won't suggest starts up to look in that way.

However, selling through social platforms like Facebook, Instagram is a must for start-ups especially if you are lifestyle or imagery-based brand. Being a start-up this first channel  that you should explore to hold on the acquisition.”

Leverage Google Ecosystem for Marketing

Google ecosystem is the best tool for emarketing . So, once you have started generating interest in your brand. Then, you should resort to this ecosystem to drive conversion as he explained.

Build a New age CRM tool

Applications like whatsapp can be a great tool for CRM purposes. Therefore, embed this tool into your system organically.  You can also engage with social influencers to improve the visibility also credibility of your brand because in the online world what is written about your product on the Internet matters a lot. Therefore, focus on increasing positive reviews of your product.

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