4 ways in which Park Avenue has made its website more user friendly

Park Avenue Grooming website gets a facelift

Park Avenue, the men's grooming brand that is a part of J. K. Helene Limited, well-known for their men’s grooming range with products ranging from fragrances to Hair Care, Body Care and face care, recently revamped their official website.

The newly launched website boasts of an improved UI, smooth navigation and a simplified user journey. The website primarily caters to a male audience between the ages of 18 to 35 years.



Product Finder

The website also hosts a wide range of essential Park Avenue grooming products for men, showcasing exciting content that guides the user to use their products, in various ways, throughout the quintessential grooming process - making it a one-stop solution provider for men looking for grooming tips and tricks. The users can now find a suitable product, based on their grooming needs, with the help of the 'Product Finder'.

park select


Video Banner


In order to give modern look, the website begins with a video banner. Also, video backgrounds are almost impossible not to notice;hence, they grab attention instantly. The feature is closely followed by bright and charming graphics highlighting various products, with a mix of appealing videos and images guiding the users to various sections of the site, bringing it alive.

Informative Content

The website features an informative section for blogs for better engagement which will drive traffic, ultimately. In fact, consumers can subscribe to get the latest blog posts. The brand is endeavouring to generate engagement through blogs with its revamped website. As it has been observed at number of occasions when consumer show keenness to buy the product but they do not do so because of less convincing product description.

Product descriptions do not add anything of value to your brand. However, when blogs are written for shoppers with their interests and thought processes in mind, you will gradually realize that people often read your blog and then decide to purchase your products.




Innovative Product Placement

For easy navigation, the products are categorised under four tabs including Fragrances, Hair Care, Skin Care and Shaving Range. When the consumer clicks either of four tabs, he/she will be able to explore compete range of products. Each product is listed with proper description and buying option.






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