5 Highly Effective Strategies to Up Your Marketing Game This Festive Season

While consumers witness the discounts during the festive season, marketers have to work hard to attract consumer's attention, much before the season commences.

Festival season brings with it holidays, family get-togethers and a lot of joy. The widespread celebratory mood gives people reason enough to indulge in food delicacies and exciting shopping sprees. It is a fact that amidst festivities people are willing to spend much more than they would on usual days.

This directly translates into huge sales opportunities for companies.


Marketers in India, which is a land of diverse cultures, have a lot of scope in playing with various themes and colours in each festival. While the celebratory mood here never goes out of season, it is this time of the year that people wait for the most. With Dussehra, Durga Puja, Diwali etc., all lined up one after the other, a rush of discounts awaits to multiply the sales across different sectors.While consumers witness the discounts during the festive season, marketers have to work hard to attract consumer’s attention, much before the seasoncommences.


Here are a few tips brands can incorporate in their marketing strategies:


Leverage social media to increase your presence: It is no secret that people are glued to their mobile phones for a good part of the day, as they do everything from socializing to shopping online. Brands can increase their visibility on social media websites by posting engaging messages/ visuals on their pages. Announcing new product launches orlucrative festival offers can draw people instantly to their page. This can play a major part in capturing consumer interest and increasing sales.


Stand apart by using innovative methods: With new players entering the market, the competition for brands is rising exponentially. To stand apart, one should look at using innovative ways like launching a campaign,distributing coupons, or gamifying the purchasing experience, while keeping in mind one’s target audience. For instance, certain fashion platforms are launching campaigns with bold messaging, which the youngsters can relate to.


Augmenting customer experience through OmniChannel approach: While the customers are riding high on the online shopping trends, brick and mortar stores have maintained their own charm. Even though online retailers deliver a convenient shopping experience to theconsumers, the offline approachcan allow them to experience the brand’s offerings. Using its website, social media handleand offline store, the company should create a seamless omnichannel experience to increase customer engagement. Many companies, in spite of having a good online presence, like online furniture brands, are setting up stores or even concept studios in different cities to make theircustomers’ experience a differentiating factor.


Usingnostalgia and related emotions: Messaging that is high on reminiscing childhood day sor festive memories does not only enable better connect with the customers but also promotes the authenticity of the brand. Moreover, looking at the relatable content that can ignite nostalgia, customers immediately start feeling the urge to share it with their family and friends. This increases the brand’s visibility and can sometimes even go on to create a loyal customer base.


Customization and packaging: The presentation of products matters a great deal to the new-age consumer.Companies can give their packaging a new twist as per the occasion. By using Diwali themes and even customized messages on packages, they can trigger the customers’ curiosity, just enough to inspire a purchase.Moreover, considering that festivals are all about gifting, consumers will see the beautifully packaged articles for what they are-memorable tokens of love, which they can gift to their loved ones.


The article has been penned down by Ravinder Singh, Founding Director, 1-India Family Mart. 


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