5 Tips for Building a Strong Brand Image

Branding and image holdthe power to influence customer's attitude towards the companyas it is the core representation of an organization.

Well if someone will ask me what’s in a name, I would say EVERYTHING. Well the reason - A dynamic and vibrant brand is what keeps the prospective/ existing customer glued to you, and that too; not just for today. The Brand is the persona of your business to your clientele.

In today’s cutthroat-competitive business environment, Brand Image of a business has become the necessity of every brand in order to stand out among its competitors. Branding and image holdthe power to influence customer’s attitude towards the companyas it is the core representation of an organization.

With that in mind, let’s understand some handy tips to develop a strong and a consistent brand image for your organization:    

Identify Your Key Audiences: The very first stepis to identify your Target group/Target audience. One needs to understand that a Brand communicates not just to its customers but the mix set of audiences which include Employees, partners, etc. Define a strategy that is tailor-made as per the audience you targeting, it can’t be one for all. The effective Marketing strategy shall directly speak to the key audience defining the needs and concerns. 

What’s your Business Goals: “Shooting in dark wont aim anywhere” similarly a strategy mapped without knowing the final goal or defined deliverables will not yield any benefits. Without knowing the short term and long-term business goals, the activity and effort is a waste of valuable resources. 

Bring the Brand identity: Now that you know the TG,and also the Goals to achieve one needs to focus on building the brand Persona (Identity). The Brand identity needs to demarcated as to what defines you? What makes you different as against the competition and also the unique positioning. It needs to be simple and relevant. Put in all the efforts to build a name for your brand by keeping all your advertising focus on making the benefits more tangible for your customer base. You can win your audience over with Out of the Box strategies that must be on target. 

The Key messaging: Also, known as the key takeaways for the audience whom you targeting. Manuscript those messages and sync them with the TG. By the end of it that’s what your audience will relate your brand to. It should combine the business values and ethics, with a splash of your brand personality.

After you have drilled down and laid the foundation for your brand image, you can ramp up your promotion activities to build a loyal customer following and generate sales!

Last but not the least, Be Consistent: Consistency inyour messaging, promotion of your business, establishes stronger brand awareness. Consistency in communication establishes a stronger foothold and recognizable business image, a greater business reputation and generates an enduring successful business.

The article has been penned down by Sunil Agarwal, Director, Vinod Cookware

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