6 must have healthy food products from Amazon Launchpad
6 must have healthy food products from Amazon Launchpad

New Delhi: Have you been thinking of adapting to a healthier food regime and searching for products that can help make a difference? But before you make the choices, it is always good to know what you should be eating and how it will benefit your body. Given the fact that our lives are busier than ever, especially for millennial, and with the never-ending schedules, we are barely left with any time to focus on our health, to research and make the smart-picks. Hence, Amazon Launchpad has suggested the following smart-picks one can easily include in your everyday food routine:

1.  Kick start your day with Wheatgrass Juice

Wheatgrass, highly alkaline and mineral rich, is one of the best-known detoxification agents in Ayurveda. Consumption of juiced wheatgrass has been a popular health trend followed across the globe and in our opinion; there are countless reasons for which you must adapt to the healthy trend too. It is a super detox drink and a powerful alkalizing agent that contains all minerals. Wheatgrass juice helps to reduce blood glucose levels, boosts metabolism, gives skin a radiant glow, aids healthy hair and weight loss. Kiva, a startup that has ayurvedic-ally inspired tasty and interesting products, offers ready to drink shots of the ayurvedic wheatgrass juice which are small in size, yet they are big in nutritional impact. Thus, if you don't have the time to enjoy a smoothie in the morning, these wellness juice shots will give you a quick dose of antioxidants and minerals to start your day.

2.       Join the Green Tea Club

Green tea has become a favourite go-to beverage amongst those who are health and fitness conscious. Known to be a healthier alternative to other beverages, green tea is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on the body. Greenzie, a startup that provides instant and ready to drink healthy beverage solutions, lets you enjoy your cup of green tea in an innovative teacup. Available in a pack of 10 cups, the "Greenzie Cup" only requires adding hot water, is easy to carry and the cup has an infusion layer that helps in maintaining the sanctity and hygiene of the product. Now, no excuses accepted even in your busiest days.

3.       Are you eating the healthiest rotis?

Do you eat rotis at least in one meal daily? If you cannot do away without eating rotis, then it becomes important for you to choose the wheat flour that has maximum nutrient values. We suggest Highland Flour (Sharbati Wheat Atta) made out of the most premium and famous Sharbati wheat which is exclusive to the state of Madhya Pradesh. Sharbati wheat is nutritious, healthy and enriched with vitamins, protein, carbohydrates and all essential nutrients. TWF, a startup that offers a fresh range of flour which is ground only after the order is placed, includes 5kg and 10kg Highland Flour (Sharbati Wheat Atta).

 4.       Let’s switch to a healthy substitute for rice

Are you seeking a healthy substitute for rice? Then Foxtail Millet is a recommended option as it is rich in dietary fiber, protein and low in fat. Unlike rice, Foxtail Millet releases glucose steadily without affecting the metabolism of the body. It is famous as 'Diabetic Food' which helps develop healthy body tissues, reduces cholesterol and control blood sugar levels. Foxtail Millet is fast gaining popularity and being chosen for its multiple health benefits. Inner Being Wellness (IBW), a Nutri-food startup that brings wholesome foods that are naturally rich in nutrition and nourishment, offers 500g of Foxtail Millet.


 5.       Mid-meal hunger pangs? Here’s what you should have

We are all familiar with the concept of snacking for which we usually crave the unhealthy snacks. But not anymore. Keeros, a startup aimed at creating healthier alternatives to regular snacks, is offering a #GuiltFreeSnacking option which is a healthy mix of roasted soyabean, green gram, pearl millet, dew beans, white wheat and rice flakes. Keeros Multigrain Roasted SuperSnack packs a punch of iron proteins and lots of fiber. It is great for calorie conscious and weight loss. Select from size options of 100g, 200g and 400g and make a healthy choice today. We say, go ahead, keep munching and drive those hunger pangs away!


 6.       The ideal grab-and-go snack: Snack Bars

Snack bars serve as ideal grab-and-go snacks which are perfect to fill you up when you’re on the move, hungry and short on time. They are healthy, nutrient-rich, easy to carry, hardly need any space and are tasty. You can carry it in your pocket, keep it handy in your purse/bag or just keep a box of them in your car/office desk. Mojo Bars is a startup that is focused on offering delicious and balanced snack bars loaded with the ideal combination of cereals, nuts, and fruits – each in their natural form. They contain nothing artificial and these bars give you your daily dose of protein, fiber and good fats in just the right proportion. So, break away from the conventional snacking options and choose healthy!



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