A rejuvenating business offer

Strained out? Feeling stressed? Well, a spa is what you need. The spa culture is becoming widely popular as people are becoming more health and beauty conscious. The industry is slowly but steadily picking up as it promises to have huge business potential

The steadily growing Indian economy has opened doors for new sectors, which were unheard of. A day spa is one such business concept. Now you don’t need to wait for vacations to enjoy a spa at a resort, but can be a part of your daily routine at a spa near you. The day spa offers spa treatments, such as massages, facials and body treatments, on a day-use basis. Many hair salons have added day spas, which combine both spa and beauty services in one day. 

Growing numbers
According to figures of the Spa Association of India, the spa industry in India currently boasts over 2,300 spas, generating revenue representing approximately USD $384 million annually. Commenting on India’s spa industry figures, Rajesh Sharma, Founder, Spa Association of India says, “While the Indian spa market is still a modest sliver of the overall $60-billion-plus core global spa economy, India is poised to attract significantly more western tourists (particularly on the medical/wellness travel front) as well as continue to develop its own vibrant, indigenous spa market at a heady pace.” India tops the list along with China and Montenegro with demand growing each year at a rate of 7.9 per cent in India. 

Rationale for growth 
The spa industry has observed a strong growth with the rise in the annual disposable income among individuals, growing level of health awareness and the changing lifestyle of consumers etc. Supporting the same Sharma says, “More spending power and awareness in the people of India is making this industry expand.” As more people are becoming aware by the day, the number of spa goers is on the upswing. Shahnaz Husain, Chairperson & MD, The Shahnaz Husain Group of Companies opines, “With the concept of “total well being” gaining ground, spa treatments are becoming popular. There is increased interest in health and fitness. Health and beauty have become two sides of the same coin. Concepts of yoga and meditation have become popular all over the world, as people are more aware of the fact that body and mind are interlinked and interdependent. Spa treatments have caught on because of increased awareness of the “wellness” concept and its benefits, especially in terms of stress removal and rejuvenation.” Also, the entry of various foreign players has led to the growth and integration of the Indian spa industry. All these factors collectively are driving more people to the spa centres. 

Spa sources

The Spa industry has created strong opportunities for existing and new entrants in this sector. Various International players like Spa Siam and Body Spa International have entered Indian shores and paving their way into being a success in the country. Indian players like Lambency Chandan Sparsh, The Four Fountains Spa, Shahnaz Husain, Blossom Kochhar etc have also laid down great expansion plans for the coming years. A number of local salon operators are also offering spa facilities to customers at the local level.

Hurdles in augmentation
As the Spa industry is at a nascent stage it is bound to encounter hurdles. The major stumbling blocks include lack of standardisation, accredited Spa’s, awareness among certain sections of the society, lack of trained personnel and therapists and the usage of non standardised products.  

Future prospects
With over 700 spas predicted to open its doors in the next two to four years, there’s no doubt that the spa industry in India is growing fast. Predicting the future Sharma says, “The future of the spa industry is great. Improvisation in quality, professionalism, trust, better service, new products technology, accredited Spa therapists and facility will further help to boost the industry.” So we can expect the industry to gain more prominence in the near future. 


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