A taste of Swadeshi at Museum Shop

Choose from an exciting pot-pourri of India
A taste of  Swadeshi

With just 4 days to go for CWGs, India is bucking up fast to tie up the last minute loose ends so that they could meet the challenges head on and greet the visitors with a warm smile.  


At this time, along with other things, the demand for heritage goods will also increase, and Museum Shop at National Museum comes just in time to plug in the gaps with a plethora of new solutions. So, whether you would like to own a Harappan seal or a sculpture from Chola era,  the incredible shop stocks more than you can even imagine and from all parts of the country. And the accolades  for this commendable shop that will formally be launched today should go to civil society and the government run Handicrafts and Handloom Export Corporation (HHEC) who thought of this wonderful idea and face lifted the old shop at the National Museum to a trendy one.


Classy Interiors

The shop that sprawls on 1000 sq feet has wooden flooring and glass reflection mirrors, open wide shelves at the walls to give the shop a very classy appeal. While looking spacious and airy, the shop is brighter than daylight with designer lights set at every wise inch on the shelves and ceilings. Long wooden tables that stand at measured intervals on the floor hoard additional products of interest that one can see through the transparent mirrors having been tastefully designed by architect Adil Ahmed and offers best traditions of Indian art one can only imagine. The pot -pourri has a unique collection of some exquisites like paperweights resembling a Harappan seal or a Gupta era coin, jewellery inspired by Indian art across centuries, bronze sculptures reprising the Chola era or t-shirts with miniatures of Mughal paintings.


Sassy Souvenirs

Other items on sale at the shop are handbags, notebooks, diaries, mugs-all embellished with Indian art and craft motifs- Art books, miniatures of Mughal paintings depicted on a wide array of items like plates, cups and trays, besides t-shirts are other items of interest.


Who dons the thinking cap?

Four women from civil society---Malvika Singh, Mohini Menon, Lalita Phadkar and Neha Prasada gave the proposal to HHEC while securing a corpus of 5 Lakh to provide high class affordable top quality merchandise to people. They worked with top designers like Vivek Sahni, Neela Mehta, Shameem Crites to create unique products for the shop.


“ I hope the shop will soon become a prime destination for tourists looking to buy high quality Indian souvenirs”, says Malvika Singh, one of the four brains in the advisory committee of National Museum Administration who would monitor the progress and give advice from time to time.



The shop strives to offer the best in Indian handicraft from all over the country. The shop is also committed to achieve qualitative improvement in goods produced by the artisans, weavers and crafts persons in order to augment the credibility of Indian handlooms and handicrafts products in the market.  They also provide reproduced (art forms) goods. They are working on different levels to best improve the productivity of the artisans, weavers and craftsmen through developmental activities in order to improve and sustain their quality of life.


Value Vaults

  • Transparency and courtesy
  • Prompt and professional service
  • Compassion and better business sense.
  • Buyer’s satisfaction


  • Exclusive replicas of Peitre dura in white marble made famous by the Tajmahal
  • High quality workmanship that has helped reproduce the ancient art forms on various media.
  • Papeir mache plate and bowls by Kashmiri artisans
  • Bidriware from Bidar’s artisans comprising flower vases, daggers, and inkstands.

Price Range

Most of the items are affordably priced but the most expensive reproductions are the Chola-era sculptures in bronze which is exquisitely crafted by a stapathi from Chennai.


The must- visit shop

So, whether you are a local who wants to own a piece from the stock or a delegate who would like to take home memories of a vibrant India after CWGs,  this is a must dekko shop, here, all are invited to indulge in in the proud Swadeshi Reservoir.




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