Alluring kids, generating profits

Innovative marketing strategies to target kids.

Children represent an important demographic for the retailers today. Retail companies across the world have acknowledged kids as potential buyers. Factors like trend toward small nuclear families, dual income capability, less time among parents to spend with their children are contributing towards the new role that kids are playing in influencing the buying decisions of their families.


Strategies targeting kids


Taking advantage of these prevailing conditions and psychological studies conducted by the researchers to study the behaviour of the children, retailers are developing new marketing strategies in accordance with the needs of such kids. They are using all possible techniques to allure kids to buy their products. Retailers are creating a demand for their products by using fictional characters, celebrities, or experts (such as doctors) to sell products, while other strategies use specific statements or ‘health claims’ that state the benefits of using a particular product.


Mediums to reach out to kids


The traditional medium of attracting kid’s attention is through news papers. However, today the most popular medium is television and lately, newspapers and television are giving way to internet to reach out to the children. Besides these indirect mediums of marketing and promoting a brand to kids, retailers are also making a profitable impact on sales through innovative ideas such as direct coupons, free gifts and samples, contests and sweepstakes, inviting celebrities to visit the shopping centres etc. Here we take up the various ways to attract kids and discuss them in detail.


Creating desire among kids


The first step towards attracting the kids to buy is to create desire among them to visit a particular store or buy a specific product. It can be done by advertising in newspapers, magazines, television, and radio. Newspapers and magazines nowadays provide a customised space for placing product advertisements as they carry special editions for children. Leaflets or handouts could be distributed to homes, schools and a place like a dentist’s clinic (to promote products such as toothpaste, toothbrush and other products for oral health). The electronic media is another excellent medium to reach out to the children as it provides a 24x7 platform for product promotion. The animation characters (BenTen, Mickey Mouse), superheroes (Spiderman, Superman), and other popular characters are used by many retailers to market products. Retailers can also make a good use of radio jingles which become very popular and have a great impact on the children.


Inside the store experience


The first and foremost promotional thing that is indispensable to a store is its look. A colourful store with a design that is eye catching for the little consumers would bring in more children. The products with pictures of animated characters, superheroes, movie stars, and sport stars are hot favourites among children. In addition, retailers can increase sales significantly by offering special discounts, coupons, free gifts (with the products that children buy) and samples (of the new products that you have at your store). Organising contests like drawing competition, indoor games at the store (where you provide the children with the materials like pencils, colours and games from your store) is another mode of attracting kids.  


In schools


The schools have also become available for product placement as they have adopted product related teaching material in the classroom. The retailers can sponsor their products such as books, stationery and sports goods in schools. In addition, the retailers can display their products during school events like annual functions, fairs, and festival celebrations (like Diwali, Christmas).


Malls and theme parks


Malls and theme parks provide more opportunities for promotional activities by offering Giveaways (McDonald’s giving promotional merchandise like toys with their ‘Happy Meal’), events, and contests, organised for children and their families. Museums, libraries and other public places where parents bring their children are also opening up to commercial sponsorship.


Thus, to help reduce sales efforts and boost sales growth you can offer freebies and goodies along with your products to the children at places like schools, shopping malls, and recreational parks. All these promotional efforts are worth trying, as they can help bring in good profits.

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