Dazo's app-based service finds big corporate investors

Leading corporate heads like Amazon's Amit Agarwal and Google's Rajan Anandan are investing in Dazo. Dazo or Tapcibo as it was known earlier, aggregates meals from different partners, but has its own delivery system for a seamless process.
Dazo finds big corporate investors

Technology has been ruling the world and India’s leading corporate players have jumped into it headlong. Amazon's country manager Amit Agarwal and Google India chief Rajan Anandan are among the ones who have invested in Dazo.

The app-based service located in Bengaluru that curates and delivers meals has some other investors like Commonfloor founder Sumit Jain, TaxiForSure founder Aprameya Radhakrishna and former FreeCharge CEO Alok Goel.  

Dazo, earlier known as Tapcibo, aggregates meals from different partners but does delivery on its own to ensure a seamless process. 

"We have been partnering with restaurants which have spare capacity and can make special meals for our customers," said its 29-yearold co-founder & CEO Shashaank Shekhar Singhal.

Singhal set up the company with Monica Rastogi in October 2014. Dazo has had over 4,000 mobile app downloads and gets more than 150 orders a day, which it hopes to increase to 1,000 in the next few months. 

"Internet-first restaurants is the new trend and it is here to stay. Entrepreneurs are now avoiding high costs due to real-estate and are just looking at kitchen-based platforms that can be accessed over the Internet," said Samir Kuckreja, who runs restaurants-focused consulting firm Tasanaya.

Dazo competes with Spoonjoy in the city and both claim to be doing over 1,000 orders a day. Dazo now looks to expand across Indian metros.

The trend of consumers ordering meals through a few swipes on an app will only accelerate with investor dollars continuing to pour in.

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