Decked up for love!

It is the season of love and red is the colour of the day. Yes, it is Valentines Day and all retail stores don the valentine theme. If you still have not started, we will help you liven it up.

Valentines as we all know is the day for expressing and celebrating love. Then why should retailers be left behind? Call it love for their customers or for chipping in extra pennies, they too are cashing in on the spirit of this day. Visual merchandisers lend an air of romance to the stores but there are some who still have not started and do not know where to begin, we will help you with some ideas.  

Windows are the first contact between a walk-in customer and the store and the best way to communicate what is inside the store. A display of valentine messages in the window display would look just apt. Moving further from the windows, you need to live up to what you portrayed in the window, something that the customer can look forward to. Irrespective of where the displays are, here is what will help you to be a part of the celebrations.  

Love theme
As Valentine’s Day is all about ‘Love’, it is this element which needs to be highlighted for the theme. Blending your own store's theme into a love theme is a brilliant proposal to begin with. For example, your store window can display banners that can read ‘You will love our prices as much as you love each other’ which can be one of the ways to catch the customers’ eye. Further, coupling merchandise with love couplets written in a fancy way can also compel a customer to purchase.  

Colour scheme 
As the symbolic colours for Valentine's Day are red, pink, and white, everything you plan should revolve around these colours. You can play with these colours to set the mood in the store and also plan the decorations in sync with these colours. 

Accessorise accordingly
Now that you know what colour the props should be, it is easier to chalk out the items that you can use for the store. Hearts symbolise Valentine's Day and your decoration will be incomplete without them. Using a bouquet of heart shaped balloons in the corners of the store and on the entry points is a splendid idea for decorating your store. You can also fill some balloons with helium and let them rest on the ceiling with the curling string hanging below them and leave the rest of the balloons on the floor. Besides the balloons, paper hearts and cardboard cupids can be cut out and used on walls or can be hung from the ceiling. 

Heart shaped candies can be kept in a bowl at the POS counter or just a few candies can be thrown in the shopping bags being handed over to the customers. 

Huzefa Merchant, Director-Safe Group and CEO, Insync  says, “Valentines season is a time of joy and love, what better way to attract people into your store than to ‘evolve’ your store environment to vibrate the tune of romance. Merchandise arrangement can be done such that the store vibrates with the colours of love, for example, keep merchandise with romantic colours in the shelves that fall in the range of vision and in the outer most rows on the shelf. To compliment this, retailers can create romantic themes using soft lighting and adding colours suiting the season to their display racks.”  

The town has been painted red! Do not stay behind but deck up your store and join in with the festivities. Do something special to stimulate your sales this valentine. Show that you love your consumers. Happy Valentine’s!

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