Exchanging gifts this season

Corporate gifting does not imply the mere exchange of products but also the expression of acceptance involving thoughts and goodwill. Thus corporate gifting companies are here to play a significant role for sure.

It is understood that corporate gifts & promotional products are essential aspects of the identity of a company, playing an important role in establishing the presence of the company in the market. However, this practice works only if the products are good and innovative. Both – corporate decision-makers and manufacturers should grasp an understanding of the requirement of people and then go ahead with deciding a gift, bringing harmony in the art of gifting and being gifted.


Special initiatives

Given that the companies face time crunch, corporate gifting companies come to their rescue, giving them the desired assortment of gifts. Avijit Dev, Marketing Manager, Episode comments, “The motto of course is on catering to the needs of the corporates like employee appreciation/promotional tie-ups/festive gifting/etc. this time of the year. Take for example the new devotional accessories (puja sets) with embedded crystals or the Lounge collection (combining silver with copper) or the elegant tea sets, trays, vases, bowls & dishes – all spell the class that Episode belongs to; And all this is a tribute from Episode to the corporate world.” Episode showcases its repertoire of over 2500 designs for all your day to day needs and for your personal and/or business gifting needs as well, making occasions memorable for lifetime.


The main line product is beautifully designed Combos of Neckties/Cufflinks /Wallet, Tie Cufflink , Wallet /Belts, Suit length/Tie to name a few.  These gifts are designed and packaged in such a way that it gives an emotional appeal to the person to whom it is given and they think that the organisation cares for them making the bonding stronger,” adds Sanjeev Khanna, Director, Fashion Dezire.


Products on offer

At Episode, all of the corporate collection launched this Diwali is set to be an ensemble put together afresh. Dev shares, “Flipping through the printed corporate brochure or scrolling through the e-brochure, one finds utilitarian attribute to be a major aspect of all the products other than the aesthetics that appeal to the beholder.” At Chemzone India, new range of products will include steel, leather, wood and pooja sets. Chemzone India was incorporated in 1974 with a vision to manufacture, export and supply all kinds of ceramic products for home, office and business purposes.


Fashion Dezire, this year, has come up with an attractive range of Suit length Combo, Hamper for Men & Women – both which will have a range of products and an exotic range of desktop items in Leather. Khanna avers, “We spend a lot of time studying trends, experimenting with new material and working on cost-effective ways to make an impact for you with both design and execution.”


The price range can serve almost every industry seeker, comfortably ranging from Rs 100 to Rs 10000.



Growing market

Post recession, businesses are definitely growing and the economy is booming and the markets are at an all-time high, doing away with the stains the global economic slowdown had left on our economy. Dev opines, “The corporate gift market is an ever expanding horizon for Episode. With Episode outlets present at Mumbai (3 outlets), Gurgaon, Delhi (5 outlets) and Kolkata, Episode has been able to work with industry mammoths and regularly increasing the size of their kitty.”


Khanna further adds, “Corporate gifting companies point towards the sudden explosion of high-end fashion brands in the country, including top-class leather brands, as one of the prime reasons behind this trend. Since leather products are easily available in the country, and have a rich value attached to it, corporates would naturally make their optimum use as gifts.”


‘Season’ adding to revenue

Corporate gifting companies have a diverse range of clients on their platter ranging from names like Hewitt Associates India Ltd., Tata Consultancy Ltd., Johnson & Johnson Ltd to prominent names from sectors like Banking, Infrastructure, Hospitality, Electronics & Consumer Durables, IT, Telecom, Schools, Real Estate, big Corporate brands among others.


Dev says, “Revenue from Diwali is major in comparison to the rest of the year, accounting for almost 60 per cent.” Khanna adds, “30 per cent of our revenue comes during Diwali season alone as against the other part of the year.”


So, I guess it’s time to bond, create a lifetime relationship among employees, between employers-employees, among business houses and others! Happy gifting this Diwali!








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