Finding love on the Internet: Cupid goes digital

Today, Mobile and tech is catering for varied options for its user. India is seeing a fresh attempt to re-define the way people ought to meet and is addressing the users of tomorrow.
New ways of dating

It’s not just Modi who’s dreaming of a new India. While he coaxes a billion people to take one step forward, in the spirit of development and economic progress, there is another quiet and assured movement afoot. Our much-touted demographic dividend has started to show its mettle not just in nation building but also changing social norms.

The young urban professional is all about taking charge. The first bastion of conformity to fall was career choices. Most Indians, mid-way through their careers, may not be able to fathom a new reality where a confident younger talent pool now has the choice to pursue the myriad career opportunities that are opening up. Imagine a college kid in the 80’s or even the 90’s, pursuing her pro squash career or banding up with his hostel mates to bravely venture out and set up their own billion dollar technology start up. It was not commonplace then, but casually peppers conversations now, across the board.

As young people take control of their careers and attain financial independence, their confidence in their judgment and their worldview has also strengthened. They, now, better understand the levers that determine their happiness. One of those levers, naturally, is who they marry.

Slowly, the traditional construct of the ‘partner’ too, has started to change form. Increasingly, young singles are no longer incomplete halves moving through the world, forlorn and constantly searching, but rather confident young individuals who are quite aware of who they are and what makes them happy.

The askance from a partner therefore, has also shifted from being the ‘revered other’ to being the ‘partner in crime’, someone who will aid and abet your individual quest for happiness and also introduce happy moments for two. The refrain is no longer ‘incomplete with you’. It’s more ‘life is good, but it’s better together’.

Unfortunately, while they know what they want, lives straitjacketed between the office and long commutes, offer up precious little room for actually meeting the kind of person they want.

Until recently, the options were woefully limited. On one end of the line we have stuffy matrimonial sites, tailor-made for the parents, and on the other extreme, western imports of online dating platforms that quickly devolve into a mosh pit of men in an ‘anything goes’ frame of mind.

Therein lay the rub. There was absolutely no middle ground for those who are serious about finding real love and that was a tremendous disservice to a real, universal human problem.

Mobile and tech is changing a lot of that. India is seeing a fresh attempt to re-define the way people ought to meet and is addressing the users of tomorrow.

We need apps today with a single mission of finding that middle ground: a healthy environment where young urban professionals connect and interact. Some apps today are committed to a deeper search for a meaningful relationship, one that is rooted in joyous, real conversations and connection, than arbitrary social variables. People, if given an option, will embrace this new, personal and curated approach to matchmaking.

This will take matchmaking to level 2.0. Real people, genuine profiles. Imagine an active community keeping the app dedicated to a single cause, which will mean possibilities based on one’s lifestyle and life stage, (and a whole lot of them at that), not just restricted to people within 100 feet of your cubicle and a chance to connect at a deeper level- overall, a much better shot at success.

We expect 2016 to herald a massive adoption of the service of such apps with a lot more young individuals joining the fold. A great many of them we hope, will take a chance on love with these apps.

While the space is nascent, it is fast getting crowded with players old and new. This eventually means more choice for the user and hence more chances of meeting people they can connect with.  In a few years from now, mobile apps like Woo will be the first port of call for young Indians looking for commitment.

As India rapidly transitions from joint to nuclear, from the conformist to the brave, from the collective to the individualistic, finding love will be the next big adventure.

Authored by: Sumesh Menon- CEO & Co-Founder of Woo (The leading matchmaking app)

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