Greener pasture in your business

As global warming has started showing its affects on the world, retailers are gearing up to follow strategies to help restoring the ecological balance and doing their bit. Let's find out what they are at.

In an attempt to lessen further destruction of the environment, eco-friendly products are being manufactured across various segments in the retail sector. Also, increase in awareness of environmental issues has shot up the sales of eco-friendly products. While the world is making efforts, India is not lagging far behind.  

While the retailers are working on going green at their end, the customers need to be responsive enough to make this effort a success. They should make sure that they check and buy eco-friendly products wherever they have the option to do so. When buying products like televisions, refrigerators, air-conditioners and lamps and so on, one should pick products which consume lesser energy. Make sure you check the power consumption rating of the durables. Below mentioned is a list of initiatives taken by the retailers to promote the green culture. 

Eco apparels
India has emerged as a global player in fashion and as eco-friendly clothing has become the buzz word, India is doing its bit. Did you ever think of garments, which are environment friendly, cause no skin infections and are renewable and reusable? The eco friendly clothes available today are made with ‘organic’ fibers, comprising of bamboo, corn, organic cotton and the like. Anita Dongre adds glam with her line of Organic clothing called ‘Grassroot’. Retailers like Fab India, UV&W and Cotton etc are just a few of them to name.  

From cool and splashy hand bags to greeting cards to earrings, several categories of accessories are being manufactured with or from eco-friendly materials for providing a safer environment for coming generations. Citizen has launched its Eco Drive wrist watch which runs continuously in any kind of natural or artificial light for a lifetime. Similarly, Casio had introduced its G shock range of wrist watches, which recharges itself automatically. Handbags, purses and personal accessories made out of jute are becoming a fad as they are light in weight, easy and hassle free to carry.  

Eco-outlets and buildings
Retail outlets can contribute in a big way to make the environment clean and green. Instead of using ordinary bulbs and tube lights, emphasis should be laid on using compact fluorescent lamp (CFL). Naveen Rakhecha, CEO, Cartridge World says, “We make all the efforts that we can make at our store level to keep it as eco-friendly as possible. We have cut down on our electricity levels, our store design supports the environment and we use CFL’s and other energy saving equipments.”  
The concept of green buildings has also kicked off. Reliance Industries Ltd and Nove Chemicals have tied-up to construct green buildings.  

Initiatives being taken across the globe
Retailers around the world have already started working their way towards making their business green. This can imply many things. Either their products are eco friendly or their process of manufacturing is ‘green’. It can also mean that apart of their profit goes into supporting the environment. Clothing retail giant, H&M, used 1,500 tons of organic fabric for its spring collection, and plans to increase that number by 50 per cent in the times to come. Banana Republic uses recycled material for packaging, and has an energy-saving plan for its outlets. They also have a collection of casual wear made from 100 per cent organic cotton. Victoria's Secret has introduced a sustainable plan for printing its catalogues. It also offers an organic line of body products, as well as sleepwear and inner wear made from organic fabric. Hallmark cards Inc. introduced greeting cards for Walmart stores across the US crafted from paper made of sugar cane pulp and recycled fiber on the occasion of Earth Day.  

Wrap up
Retailers from different sectors in the country have started to produce and promote eco-friendly products. Few surveys also found that people show more interest in products that are environment friendly. With companies trying to bring out green products in the market, it’s just a matter of time that more and more eco-friendly products will come, preserve nature and keep the environment safe.

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