How Titan Eyeplus Ensures Hassle Free Experience?

LitmusWorld has facilitated Titan Eyeplus to conduct 'Customer Day' where top 10 front-line employees are called over to the Titan Eyeplus HQ and felicitated for their astounding efforts in creating memorable customer experiences

Javed KM – National Head of Sales and Customer Experience at Titan Eyeplus, follows this practice religiously to ensure that no stone is left unturned. Not just him, the entire organization takes ownership of a customer, across the entire journey - from purchase, service to product usage stages. Reason? A value at the heart of Titan Eyeplus - Customer Centricity!

We've enabled a continuous listening culture at Titan Eye Plus. Contextual conversations with our stakeholders have been made effective by LitmusWorld." Javed KM, National Head Retail Sales and Customer Experience

Creating a foundation:

Having primitively captured customer feedback at the point of sale, there was no visibility into long term loyalty of the customers in an industry where adaptability of the product plays a major role in customer satisfaction. Titan Eyeplus decided it was time to capture agile insights and make real-time decisions to address the challenges across their business processes. Being a big fish in a small pond, Titan Eyeplus had to do something to make a mark and re-structure the way they executed business in an unorganised eyewear industry. With that thought in mind, they partnered with LitmusWorld to re-evaluate their customer experience management approach.

Going back to the drawing board, the first thing to get in place was the sense of ownership of the customer. “Who is responsible for the customer?” The answer could not be the front-line team alone. Of course, they are the face of the company but for them to put their A-game forward, they needed support from every other function in the organization. A responsive supply-chain backing, exceptional training by the T&D teams and ground-breaking initiatives by the upper management were identified as the key drivers of a front-line representative’s performance. Keeping the customer in the centre, all the business functions were re-structured and given a basis of benchmarking. Instead of business figures mapping the performance of a business function, it was the customer who decided if the business function was doing their bit. Now that was a big organization-wide change for a brand of this stature.

Getting things in action:

All board-room strategies are pointless if they are not executed in the right way. For the plan to work, they needed to build a continuous engagement culture that could facilitate real-time conversations with their customers.. With minimal touches to the customer, LitmusWorld was able to capture all the necessary information through feedback campaigns being trigerred immediately post an interaction and capture emotions. With over 3 million conversations initiated over time, the Titan Eye Plus team hears over 10% of their customers who are giving feedback on multiple business processes.

Titan was now able to identify and assign the right issues to the right teams and take corrective actions to ensure that the customer does not leave the store unsatisfied. While that was the basic premise of designing the entire customer experience program, they saw some substantial improvements in the bottom-line figures as well.

"There is a direct business impact of improving customer experience and online reputation. We are now able to drive customer-centric thinking while we improve our NPS scores across the entire value chain." Javed KM, National Head Retail Sales and Customer Experience

Re-visiting the figures:

Process and operational efficiencies aided in reducing the overall cost of servicing the customers. Titan Eyeplus saw an increase of 31% in the number of repeat customers and increased customer advocacy, resulting in revenue growth of 26% in FY19. Not just that, their online reputation management score has seen a growth of 452.70% by means of customers advocating the brand on Google reviews pushed via the contextual converstions.

Besides the National Head and Area Managers addressing the customer queries personally, the store staff is required to report at least 5 customer delight stories as a part of their performance and so far, they have an astounding total of more than 40,000 stories.

Building a culture:

Titan Eyeplus also tries to provide a superior customer experience through their ‘Make Hearts Beat’ campaign. As a part of this campaign, all departments are liable to the customer, and to provide a better experience, feedback is taken from the customer with respect to each department and training is provided to everyone, from staff to doctors. The campaign aims at driving ownership of the customer experience throughout the organization. The campaign involves celebrating customer delights and empowering employees to provide better customer experiences.

LitmusWorld has facilitated Titan Eyeplus to conduct ‘Customer Day’ where top 10 front-line employees are called over to the Titan Eyeplus HQ and felicitated for their astounding efforts in creating memorable customer experiences. These 10 employees are selected from the NPS® scores gathered through the LitmusWorld platform. This not only motivates the employees to create an amazing customer experience but also encourages them to enhance and broaden their skills for personal growth.

It’s a delight for us at LitmusWorld be associated with Titan Eyeplus. 3 key takeaways for all retailers from the Titan EyePlus approach to CX are: One, NPS is more than just a metric to drive continuous improvements; two, conversations across customer journey go beyond just the shopping experience; and three, driving a customer-centric culture across the organisation can do wonders for the brand.


With true agility at the heart, we consider Titan EyePlus as a ‘Gold Standard’ in executing a customer experience program using NPS.” Ramesh Natarajan, Co-Founder & COO – LitmusWorld.

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