How to Win Digital Commerce?
How to Win Digital Commerce?

According to a survey, around 76% of the customers expect companies to understand their needs and expectations. Pleasing customers has become the most strenuous phase for the Retail industry, with constant advancement in innovations across cloud, mobile and artificial intelligence to deliver personalized and valuable experience for the consumers has created room for more choices than usual. This has become critical, where brands be it B2C or B2B have understood the complexity of the situations that they are dealing and how important it is for them to take a step towards transformation and align their platforms in a way where the consumers can interact across all channels and touch points to survive this big bang!


The desire to meet customer demands and expectations is not easy with every constant change in the industry comes new challenges, and these challenges have their own barriers which have to be understood to be resolved.


Consistency is the key:


A major challenge surfaced by retailers where they are looking out for ways to provide a consistent and personalized shopping experience for their customers both online and offline. Decathlon overcame this challenge by providing its customers with a seamless experience on various fronts like multi-channel order management with seamless integration (like orders placed via POS, mobile, web orchestrated seamlessly) and transportation management.


A promise to deliver on time:


Companies who promise their customer with a flawless delivery end up in situations like over-promise or under-promise and fail to keep up to their customer expectations. To overcome this expectation companies like Apollo Pharmacy came up with a unique business logic to provide its customers with multiple delivery options for the customers to choose from like home delivery and pickup at store.


Social Media Curve for customer service:


The huge wave of social media creates a huge impact on brands especially when it comes to after service.  The retailers fall prey to social media when customers use social media platform for complaints, feedback or even compliments for that matter of fact. Decathlon Huddle is a social media multichannel platform for creating brand awareness, attend customer queries and issues, marketing products and services, customers can reach for support, can follow post or comment on their favorite sports activities and products etc.


Importance of customer analytics:


The need of having access to customer and market data helps the companies to analyze the current customer trends, how customers tend to interact during online and offline purchases. Decathlon implemented tools to get insights that can help them gain an outlook of customer demographics, customer transactions and buying behavior, marketing metrics (campaigns, promotions, coupons), top sellers, and map consumer demands for constant pursuit of improvement.


The article has been penned down by Vishnu Gullipalli - CEO & Solution Advisor, Retail Insights.



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