In-store entertainment

In-store events encourage retail therapy, product trials and loyalty

With the advent of organised-retail culture, most shoppers perceive shopping as a retail therapy. A lot of people, quite often, shop with the primary aim of lifting their mood or disposition. Though this habit is short-lived but very common during periods of depression or transition. Goods bought as part of retail therapy are called comfort buys. Not all product categories encourage retail therapy but organising events at stores can make any product fall into the comfort buy category and boost retail therapy. Contests, fashion shows, fund raisers, movie collection launch and parties are just a few event ideas that retailers can opt for.

Events Trigger Product-Trial

Modern day customers are all about experience; and entertainment is loved by everyone. Organising events at your store will attract greater footfalls ensuring higher sales. Shoppers regard promotions/in-store events as the most influential aspect that triggers product trial. Product trials will bring in new customers and give a boost to the sales. Promotions generate loyalty rather than drive permanent brand switch. As per a study, 14 per cent shoppers that is, only one in seven, frequently find themselves making a permanent switch as soon as the promotion at a store ends. The study also reveals that some shoppers wait to buy their favourite brands until there’s some kind of promotion at the store. Capitalising on this habit of customers, especially the young ones, Mattel Toys organised an event for the launch of its WWE collection special ‘Khali’ at a Hamleys store in Mumbai where Khali was present to launch the toy range. There was a huge turnout at the store.

Celebrities Encourage Revisit

Customers always look forward to having a new and different experience when they walk into a store and once they fail to get so, disappointment takes over. An entertaining promotional activity can greatly add on to the footfalls as a good experience will bring back the customers for more. A retailer can go one step further and invite celebrities to attend the event or organise an event with a cause. By providing entertainment to shoppers while they are at store, retailers can expand their customer-base. Retail entertainment, used in promotional marketing, will help you create a niche amongst the target audience. This creation of a brand image will create loyal customers.

SICIS paid tribute to the legendary diva Marilyn Monroe by introducing Limited Edition Mosaic portraits. Marilyn Monroe Art Potrait exhibition was organised by SICIS in Delhi. The event not only attracted the common man but also celebrities like Rahul Dev, Lina Singh, Ritu Beri, and Naveen and Raseel Ansal etc. 

Godrej Nature’s Basket organised a food workshop called “Delicious Summers” at its outlet on Hill Road, Bandra. Celebrity gastronomist and accomplished food writer, Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal had rustled up exotic recipes especially for Natures Basket and showcased them as well. 

Everyone is different and so are their definitions of enjoyment. Retailers need to cater to these different requirements as and when they can. The ideas need to be practical along with market demographics to back them. Creativity is the key to be a success here and not how expensive or how alluring the activity is. Unique ideas with the hint of exclusivity will be a hit with the customers. Hindi movies and their stars are the biggest crowd pullers in the country; moreover, they are popular with every stratum of customers. Shoppers Stop’s hugely popular youth brand LIFE recreated the individualistic and trendy style sported by ‘Sameer’ (Shahid Kapoor) and ‘Tina’ (Genelia D’Souza) for their movie ‘Chance Pe Dance’. The stars came to Shoppers Stop for the launch of this collection.

Speaking on the occasion, Govind Shrikhande, Customer Care Associate & President & CEO, Shopper’s Stop Ltd. said, “Bollywood influence on fashion trends is unquestionable. In the past we have recreated the fashion of mega starrers such as Om Shanti Om and Love Aaj Kal. Their immense popularity and success are a clear indication of the deep permeation of Bollywood in Indian fashion and the growing desire of Indians to emulate their icons.”

Just planning an event is not all. Informing the customers about the event and inviting them is one of the most vital steps. If the event is on a pan-India basis, then ATL marketing options can be employed but for region-specific events BTL marketing options are suitable.

Customers’ Dislike

Creating hype and then offering a low-key product will work against your brand. Some shoppers have misgivings about the way an idea is implanted or an activity is conducted. They sometimes come across a range of issues that are frustrating, compelling them to think promotions are a complex issue to get right. There are others who feel that when the promotion ends the product is offered at a higher price than normal.

A lot of customers feel that products on promotions are not always available. Availability remains one of the main challenges to promotional effectiveness and out of stock can mean losing out on loyal customers, may be, temporarily or could be permanently too.

You don’t have to wait for a lean period to opt for in-store entertainment, it can be organised at any time throughout the year. As an initiative, it will surely add up to your pack of profits.

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