Malls house it all

Malls like Select City Walk, Ambience and Emporio in Delhi are redefining the shopping experience for its customers giving them an edge over the high streets. What is making them a favourite? Let's find out…

The Indian retail sector has found a new platform with malls opening up in each city. Metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and others have a very well developed mall culture. There are more malls than one can ever imagine. The question arises as to why malls are preferred over high streets in metros in the Indian retail scenario and what makes them so dear to the hearts of consumers. There are many aspects which make malls a preferred destination for shoppers. 

Malls are open for special experience:
Malls are an entertainment centre, be it for movies, shopping, eating or catching up with friends. They are open to a varied set of people since the entry to malls is different than retail stores. A visit to a mall is an experience because it may or may not involve a purchase.  

Exclusive Malls:
Malls catering to particular categories of retail are what shoppers look forward to. A mall dedicated only to jewellery, designer wear or designer luxuries are an upcoming concept. The Gold Souk, Emporio Mall and The Crescent are examples of malls dedicated to only select retail categories.  

People connect:
The retailers in malls go out of their way during festive seasons to make their stores look special and also launch new offers to achieve higher sales. The retailers’ main focus is to provide as many options for a buyer to make up there mind in purchasing things from the store. Malls are decorated to awe people and attract them so that they may connect emotionally with the store’s brand concept/story. That not only increases loyalty towards a store but makes the shopper opt for a mall over a high street.  

Malls are contemporary:
Exuding exotic ambience and organised set-up, Malls are a preferred destination. They are air-conditioned and have the ability to hold many people under one roof. Mall retailers have an advantage, as they offer a pleasant atmosphere for shoppers with help of the latest technology and infrastructure. Malls are built keeping in mind all age groups, with escalators and lifts, convenience and comfort go hand-in-hand. 

Architectural support:
The architectural plan of a mall ensures that shoppers save on time and this is highly utilitarian for both, retailers and customers. A mall may be big or small in size offers ample parking, variety of stores, eateries and entertainment lined up in one state-of-the- art building. Once again, all under one roof. 
End note
Malls mushrooming so quickly are a boon for buyers and retailers since they aim at giving quality ambience and service, be it parking, eating, shopping, browsing or even getting to know the new trends people adopt. Malls have now become a lifestyle.

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