National Tech Day: How Start-ups are bringing Positive Changes in the Industry

With National Technology Day riding the wave of tech innovation, let's learn how these Techpreneurs/Start-up owners are using digital disruption to change the way we conduct our lives.
National Technology Day

With National Technology Day riding the wave of tech innovation, let’s learn how these Techpreneurs/Start-up owners are using digital disruption to change the way we conduct our lives.

From smartphones to the Internet to GPS, technology has intruded in most basic aspects of our daily life making our life a tad easier and a heck of a lot convenient. While technology has a massive role to play and has brought in a sort of revolution in the way industries function, there is still a long way to go.

Although technology hasn’t travelled to the last mile and a lot needs to be done on that front from the infrastructure point of view, it is disrupting the way India’s Techpreneurs do business. From travel to food to even matchmaking, Techpreneurs are routinely and liberally teaching their respective industries with Tech, as they seek to address an increasingly complex future.

Having pioneered cruising in India way back in 1993, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd along with their channel partners and consumers come a long way in making this category a popular one amongst other holiday options.

“Cruising like most other holiday experiences is now being driven by online mediums which are not only being used for inspiration/education but also for distribution. Our white label solutions and API allow our partners and their guests to view real time information as well as book their vacations online. This easy and up to date information source allows our partners having real time rates, inventory and ease in access allowing from quick and precise decision making, considering the vast ocean of options available out there. This form of distribution has also helped us reduce costs and service our channel a lot more efficiently besides them doing to same for their customers,” said Varun Chadha COO, Tirun Travel Marketing, India Representative for Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

With noted tech advancement events which took place on 11th May over the years, National Technology Day is a remarkable day in the history of India.

“We are disrupting the way holidays are being planned. By harnessing technology and smart algorithm to create a more engaging, personalised and relevant buying experience for the travellers, TravelTriangle is changing the holiday planning scenario. We are an innovative tech-focused travel brand which operates as an online marketplace bringing both the travellers, and trusted local and expert travel specialist on a common platform. The smart algorithm of the platform matches the traveller with three different travel agents who are best qualified to design an ideal itinerary. The traveller can choose one from amongst the three and further customise it. All this is possible only through technology application. As we go further, we plan to enhance the process with better and cutting edge technology,” observed Sankalp Agarwal, CEO and Co-founder, TravelTriangle, a comprehensive holiday marketplace.

“At Jugnoo, we are making an attempt to uplift the social stature of 5 million auto-rickshaw drivers in India by using technology to create more opportunities for them. Also, there is a continuing challenge to develop new solutions to provide quality public transport system and I am positive it is only through constant evolution of technology that we will be able to achieve it,” said Samar Singla, CEO and Founder, Jugnoo.

It’s fascinating the innovative ways in which technology can impact the everyday lives of masses. It has now influenced almost every sphere of modern day life, with public transport and planning holidays as perfect examples. Stay tuned for more on the National Technology Day.

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