OLX to kickstart new-age classifieds experience

The new OLX App is expected to fulfill the unmet consumer needs, and bring about a new wave of growth for the brand.

OLX, one of the market leaders in consumer-to-consumer (C2C) classifieds in India, has leveraged innovative technology and deep consumer understanding to roll out improved and forward-looking product changes on its App that make the online classifieds experience safer, simpler, and social.

The new OLX App is expected to fulfill the unmet consumer needs, and bring about a new wave of growth for the brand.

It expects to double its growth rate as a result of these changes in the next one year.

The new OLX App is built on four key pillars:

Registered Users Only: Mandatory log-ins will imply that there are no anonymous users on OLX anymore. It will increase the sense of familiarity amongst users. Mandatory registration will especially help in bringing women users to OLX by providing a safer environment for them to transact in.

Snap and Post - Super Simple Process:  The image-recognition feature generates an auto-title and auto-category for the item being posted. All one needs to do is to take a photograph of the item, state the price, and it’s good to go.

Chat First, Restrictions on Calling: This ensures two things: [1] The platform does not make the user’s phone number public, protecting his/her privacy, and [2] OLX empowers the seller to decide whether they want to reveal their phone number at all.

Hyper Local Experience: This helps the user in four distinct ways: [1] It helps buyers find products closest to them, reducing the challenges of travel and logistics that emerge with larger distances. [2] It makes the browsing and buying experience simpler as the users don’t have to manually search for the items closest to them. [3] It facilitates neighbourhood-commerce by promoting trade in the geographical area that the user is most comfortable in. [4] It places the power in the hands of the users by letting him change their current location as many times as they want, and also increase the distance of search to as much as 500 km at any given time.

Said Amarjit Singh Batra, CEO, OLX India, "Since online is still a very nascent industry in India, users do have trust and comfort issues. Women and the new-to-net population particularly finds it hard to navigate around these. We decided to deal with the problem head-on by providing simple and tech-led solutions."

Batra also added, "With our new App, we have made significant improvements on three fronts in particular. We will continue to innovate to provide a more friction-free user-experience."

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