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Music is an obsession and mostly everyone is fond of it. Therefore, it is being used in a way that affects the sales in stores’ by influencing a customers’ mood. Through background music, retailers try to make the atmosphere in the store livelier. It not only influences the attitude of the shoppers but simultaneously keeps the staff active all day. Background music is now played everywhere, be it stores, restaurants, cafes and gyms with a not just the motive of entertainment. It also acts as a sale tool.  

While some may like one genre of music while the same may be exasperating for another. For a store, every customer is special. Playing the right music helps in building a relationship with customers that may be everlasting.  

Significance of music in stores
Music has been found as an efficient and effective means for triggering moods and communicating non-verbally. It creates a healthy and cheerful environment. Good music helps to keep a customer in store for a longer time. Music has become an important part of the consumer marketing campaign. Referred to as ‘audio architecture’ it is a tedious task to choose exactly what is needed in the store. Right from the selection of the music to the medium through which it would be played to the right set of speakers and volume at which it would be played collectively play a role in impressing the customers. Through various researches it has been found that directly as well as indirectly, music does influence the sales of a store.  

What to be played, when and where
With regard to the type of background music to be played, depends on the type of the store and what the brand deals with. Manish Jain, Director, Shark Design Studio says, “The type of music should match the store and the brand being sold. One should prefer playing soft, straight music rather than playing pop or hard rock in stores. Music should suit the environment of the store.” 

Background music does not only help in making the atmosphere more pleasurable for both customers and staff members but also tends to change the approach of customers towards the product and the store. Stores dealing with infants and kids should always prefer playing light music such as jingles and poetry so that young ones feel at ease. Classical music and jazz is what clothing stores should prefer playing. Urban club music may be apt for a clothing store with a youthful customer base, while a high-end gourmet shop should choose classical music to reinforce an upscale image.

Things to be kept in mind
There are certain things that a retailer should keep in mind while putting the music tool at work. If the background music and television are being played simultaneously, it is advisable to keep the television on mute otherwise it would create a mess. In a sports store however if both the television with a sports channel and music are playing it is advisable to switch over to the television. Music should be played at a low yet an audible volume so the customers can interact with each other and the staff easily. One should create a good collection of songs and play it through a proper system without any cracking sounds. 

The challenge for every retailer is to have just the right music mix so that it engages rather than annoying a customer. The music played in a store is a part of brand positioning and should not be left to chance. If one wants to connect to customers on an emotional level, there is nothing more powerful than the right music.

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