Pure Play to open 50 exclusive stores by March 2016: to target middle level consumer segment

Pure Play is an aspiring new sports performance brand offering both performance footwear and apparel collection.
Pure Play's latest approach

Pure Play is an aspiring new sports performance brand offering both performance footwear and apparel collection. The company today announced that it would be opening 50 exclusive stores across India by March 2016. These stores would display a range of sports footwear and apparel ranging from Rs 999 to Rs 2999. Pure Play is the only Indian player in the market offering both performance footwear and apparels, as compared to other brands, which offer either footwear or apparels or lifestyle products only.
The company has 9 exclusive stores, which are a mix of direct ownership and franchisee. The primary focus is on capturing the North India market in early 2016 and gradually moving on to other regions of the country later during the year. The Pure Play brand apart from being affordable, also offers international design and quality, bringing a wave of freshness in the Indian market at an affordable price as compared to larger players like Nike, Adidas and others.
Pure Play sports collection for men & women offers a complete range of apparels namely T-shirts track suits, shorts and track pants meeting the sporting requirements of the Indian consumer. The collection is highly affordable, stylish and made in high performance fabrics that truly enhance sports performance. Pure Play also has an impressive range of sports and casual footwear bags, caps and socks.
Mr. Vishnu Bhagat and Mr. Rajesh Kukreja, Co-Founders of Pure Play believe that “Though India has been a country of sports watchers and not players; the puck has started to move towards Athleisure trend, whereby consumers are becoming sportier and incorporating more sporting product into their lifestyle. These day’s people have become more health conscious and taking to sports not only improves their lifestyle, but also improves their health. Moreover, women are becoming more active & incorporating more athletic gear into their lifestyle, which is giving a push to the athletic apparel market.”
Athletic apparel market has grown faster than the overall apparel market in the last 4 years. Middle class population in Asia will triple by the year 2020 and as India’s middle class segment will grow from 5% of population to more than 40% till 2025, it will create India's largest consumer market.


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