Retail on the runway

Airport retailing is heating up as a retail destination with retailers lately. Owing to the consumer traffic and immense opportunities at their disposal, retailers are grabbing on to the prospect. Read on to know the updates

Airport retailing has witnessed a significant change in the past few years. Where at one place duty free sales are predicted to grow to $318m by 2012, on the other hand according to a Verdict Research, Data Monitor Company, retail sales at airports are expected to grow by 11 per cent this year touching a mark of $30 billion, making it the fastest growing channel for the retail after the Internet. With prospects so bright, airport has to be a hot choice for the opening of retail stores. 

The latest on the block is Da Milano, the premium leather goods and accessories brand which recently diversified into airport retailing by opening the first Da Milano Airport retail store at the domestic airport in Mumbai. Pavers England, a venture of London based Pavers Foresight Smart Ventures recently opened an outlet at the domestic airport in Chennai.  

Raison d'être for the venture
Airports have a constant walk in of people travelling either within the country or to off shore locations. People waiting to board flights have a lot of time on hand and retail therapy is one activity they would not mind indulging in. “India’s retail landscape is evolving rapidly and airport retail seems to be an ideal destination for a brand like ours. Our brand is committed to extend its presence at key airports across India thereby reaching out to the well heeled traveller who is looking for premium products in such retail environments,” is what Sahil Malik, Managing Director, Da Milano had to say about airport retailing as an option. 

Thanks to the increase in the amount of disposable incomes of people that air travel has picked up which is one of the major reasons for the attraction of retailers to these locations. Rapidly increasing airline networks, globalisation coupled with changing holiday preferences are all abetting the concept of airport retailing.  

The transformation
Airport authorities are realising the growing magnitude of airport retailing which is why they are making available more space to retailers. The dreary spaces are being converted into large attractive stores for the time-strapped travellers. Creating eye-catching signages and even dazzling displays is what they are focusing on now. Airport retailing is at a far more advanced juncture at the international level. Taking an idea from the west will help the Indian airports perk up the shopping experience for travellers.  

Options available 
People travelling can not only indulge in shopping, but also have a choice to pick and choose categories of retail that they wish to indulge in. Airports now offer a basket of options for travellers not just for shopping but for dining as well. IGI Airport alone features more than 40 F&B outlets spread across different terminals. So now one can shop and boost its energy by indulging in food at the same time to shop some more!  

With malls taking a back seat as an option for store location with retailers, airports seem to be an option for chipping in the pennies!


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