Retailers shift to DIY format

Largely utilised by high-end brands
Retailers shift to ‘DIY’ format

The Do it yourself (DIY) strategy is emerging as a key customer initiative for retailers, and it allows shoppers to purchase goods at an outlet at their convenience, with minimal interference from staff.


Analysts highlight that this strategy helps to enhance customer ‘engage’ with a brand, as well as helps lower inventory levels for a brand. And, leveraging this strategy, Allen Solly recently announced the ‘choose your color’ scheme which allows consumers to order apparel with a colour of their choice and it would be shipped to their home within a week.


This brand has a small charge for this service. Sooraj Bhat (Brand Head) Allen Solly, said, “We deliver customised merchandise to our clients.”

They are not alone and Swarovski Elements  allowed customers to interact directly with designers at stores and create their unique embellished sarees.


Which categories support DIY?

Kapil Hetamsaria, a prominent jewellery retailer, highlighted that this strategy works best where inventory levels and working capital requirements are large. In addition, it is also viewed as far more effective than simply offering discounts to consumers.  Hetamsaria also pointed out that he generates nearly half of his sales via this strategy.

However, senior management of leading high-end brands point out that this strategy can also result in higher levels of product returns, if a customer does not get a customised product of his choice.

Clearly, retailers need to balance managing customer expectations and their profitability.


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