The season of shopping

End of season sale has been able to bring back the shoppers to the high streets and malls.
The season of shopping

In India, long queues are a very common phenomenon. Be it railway tickets or movie tickets, you can’t get rid of the waiting lines for almost everything. A similar view was seen outside the Benetton store a few days back. At eight o’ clock in the morning, when most of the Select Citywalk was empty, there were more than 20 people waiting outside the Benetton store to enter. Later it was disclosed that there is a flat 50 per cent sale from 8 AM to 2 PM.  Employees can be seen carrying the shopping bags to their offices after the early morning shopping done during the sale period.

The end of season sale has become the season for shopping for most of the people. End of January saw another season of shopping coming on its way. When almost all brands are offering goods are sale prices, there are a few which have gone one step ahead. Pantaloons and Max have taken the route of posting the Sale information to each locality and each door. UCB has come up with a special sale within the sale period strategy. Twice or thrice in a week company creates a buzz among its customers by giving a time-specific discount where the discount is more than the normal discounts.

Retailers say early signs are encouraging than the same season last year, although these are early days and total actual sales number cannot be predicted yet. Though the expectations have been shared and the store manager at Puma store at Select Citywalk says the daily sale is expected to be around Rs. 5 Lakh. The footfall also depends on what percentage discount is offered at the counter. Cantabil is offering flat 90 per cent on each product and the sight at the store was very much alike a fish market.  The staff ignored the question of what is the daily sale drawn during this period – as expected.

Another trend which can be seen is a drive ahead for the e-shopping. Public is having a look around at the physical stores and are ordering it online to avoid the hassle of busy trial rooms and long queues are the billing counter. E-retail has been pushed up and a lot of buyers prefer to stay away from the effort of going to the shop and are happy ordering it online. Jabong, Myntra and many more have taken pro-active measures, luring customers with 10-20 per cent more discount than what the physical stores are offering.

Now, with a whole host of other retailers joining in with discounts, consumers are back in the street in large numbers, causing traffic jams in main shopping areas this weekend. The situation at the malls and high streets is no less than any festive season in the country. Parking spaces and food courts are jam packed specially during the weekends.

End of season sale has also become end of business time for these retailers. Most of the shops were found empty with no buyers after the sale period. Customers have got a habit of waiting for the sale and again go in the shell when the products are offered at the normal prices. A few brands start late to encash the left out public. Overall, the season of sale comes twice a year and this is the time when customers update their wardrobe till the time next sale arrives. In short it’s the season of shopping and if you are a retailer, its time when you should gear up with all kind of strategies to lure maximum number of profit. 

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