These 8 retail business ideas can prove beneficial for small towns

Retail business surely promises huge return on investment for entrepreneurs in Tier I and II cities. But small towns are no less of a profit ground when it comes to retail. Here are 8 retail business ideas for small towns.
Retail business ideas for small town

Retail business in India is probably the most promising sector to invest and start a venture. The seven top cities in India alone contribute a whopping sum of INR 3.58 Trillion in retail spending with only 19% contribution from the organized brands. It is also expected that within five years, the online retail will go toe to toe with the brick and mortar stores. Apart from the Tier I cities, there is a huge underlying prospect for Tier II, III cities and small towns. The major players in the domestic market such as Bharti, Tata, Reliance, Adani, etc are considerably investing in this prospect. On the other hand, a huge number of multinational brands are also investing in this prospective market.

The retail segment in India is highly unorganized or fragmented. There are nearly 13 million retails that comprise around 96% of the total figure. This market will double itself and hit the mark of US$ 1 Trillion by the end of 2020. The ideal scenario to open a retail business will be in the small towns, Tier II and III cities. Here are the best retail business ideas for small towns you can ponder upon and start your own venture.


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